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Achievment Trading Thread


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if anyone wants to boost today, send me a message on xbox live. I'll be on till about 9PM central time (CST). Please, no messages asking how I got the game early. For those of you who know me, you know my connection :). Messages asking how i got the game a few days early will be deleted and blocked from sending me further messages. Thanks

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Hey guys i am looking to find some guys that are into getting achievements together that are hard to get alone such as boosting :). I dont do it that often but have some achievement that i cant get that i could use some help on such as Halo3 and Fuel and some other games. Please send me an xboxlive friend request or messages to my new Gamertag .. RedOctober USMC Ok guys take care.

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yeah i love single player games like this, its a pity they added only 3 multiplayer achievements. Its like a waste haha lol.


but anyways im up for boosting custom made races and than rank races.


GT is ferrara316

I'll drop you a message as soon as I'm done eating lunch. Do you know how to race custom races?

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