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Achievement Trading Thread

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@ leadfoot2010

I will! I added you on XBL. I see that you only need one of the achievements, and I need them all, but three are from one race. I have to return the game in a couple days to gamefly, but I will be on most of today and tomorrow. I hope to see you!

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If anyone still plays this, I need the 4 online ones. GT is LonelyPizza, hit me up.


Ended up getting the win a race achieve over normal live, so I only need Dreamarena, Death Adder, and Outrunner now.

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I need a partner for the online achievements in this game, give me a shout if you can help


GT: xFightingSaintx


EDIT: did it 'legit'(for lack of a better word), and all ive got left is like 40 item hits. it's way easier than i thought. here's how i did it.


Winning a race - really easy anyway, do so most of the time i race at the front(some races i race at the back hitting AI's with items lol)

Lapping someone - Beginner AI, 6 laps, jet set course, catch up off, wait for someone to join, start race, lap crappy computer, *POP*

Friend achievement - i just sent a fr to the guy after the 3rd race. i think he was happy to get the outrunner achievement so he accepted :)

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