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Achievement Trading/Squad/Teammates Thread


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Lawful meaning Security and not Resistance i take it? What time you plan on playing it? Cause i'm going to get it as soon as the store opens at 10am CST. Let me know cause i'm down either way even though i know i'll end up being resistance more then anything.:uzi:

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Where you got the game from?!? Early release again?


no just wanna get a thread up before the game releases so people can make friends early


Security Soldier, engineer, or medic. Not sure yet. Let me know if you're on a lot.


Oh trust me...i'll be on a lot LOL

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Well I have had the game for a couple days and will play what ever side. Currently playing as soldier but more than likely we will have to change classes anyway to adapt to objectives, or let the AI do it.


Will be online a lot so just hit me up

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I'll probably be going as Security, but that's not to say I won't play as Resistance at some point.


Anyone can go ahead and add me if they'd like a great team player.


EDIT: Got a new mic. :)

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