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Achievement Trading/Squad/Teammates Thread


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Looking to get some of the online/private achievements as well. Some of them are much easier with another person. I'll also help with others you might need too. A mic would be cool too.


I'm gonna call it a night though and I'll be on later in the day.


Add/Message GT: StaticVito

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i got the game started playing and its not half bad, i am however looking for friends/team mates to play with and even boost with only thing i ask is PLEASE HAVE a headset being that communication is VERY important for completing objectives my gamertag is amishroadkill i am in the EST


I also play as Medic/Solider

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Looking to boost "That mine you found? Disarmed!" stupid bot will never disarm any mines and ppl playing online are too lazy to do so....


It will take only 10mins or so and I don't mind helping boosting the others. my tag : woshibt

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