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Achievement Trading/Squad/Teammates Thread


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Need help to boost a few achievements.

Need to boost the following:


Not so sneaky now, are you?

smart decisions win battles

that mine you found? Disarmed!


and i need all the audio logs but i'm not sure how to get em all, if you have to complete missions in co op to get soke that are not in the campaign then i need to play co op with people.


and does anyone know which map has a short cut that you can destroy?

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Guest attackedbullet

hi please add me co-op and multi-player achievements etc.I will have game on Friday :)

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Hey, always looking for new friends. Right now, been playing mostly as Soldier/Engineer. I am able to log in most nights after 8:00 pm PST or so. Looking for people who use their mics please. Last night playing co-op has got to have been one of the most frustrating nights of gaming due to people not communicating. Also, I still havent been able to log a game in versus yet due to the lag, but hope to do so once they fix it.


GT: P33b4ugo2bed

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Looking to get the achievements for: Online Versus/Hard Campaigns Completed, Spotted a mine which is later defused by another Engineer, Spotted an Enemy in disguise.


Anyone who is also interested in getting these, as well as the other campaign achievements and such, I should be able to help, as I have 28 of the 36 total achievements.


Hit me up: x MLG xx Pony x

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