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heres how you can use any vehicle in any race


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Well I have to say that personally I'm disappointed that this has come to light. I just spent the last 11 days playing the hell out of this game & have finally completed it without using or knowing about this glitch & now loads more people are going to be able to get the achievements I worked so hard for without really trying.


Somebody above said this should have been in the game from the start - No it should not! The point of the challenges is that you have to learn to handle all vehicles & complete the relevant challenge with the vehicle you've been supplied with - even if it takes you 40 or 50 attempts (as 2 or 3 of them took me).


Oh well, at least I have the satisfaction of knowing I completed this game as it was meant to be completed & without using any cheap 'use the easiest vehicle available' glitch.


Why do people not want to play games properly any more?


Well first off, you being here on this site means you are not exactly playing the game properly. I seriously doubt that developers make achievements with the idea that you are going to go online, look up how to get an achievement, then repeat a certain action over and over again until you do get the achievement. But hey to each his own.


Sticky this thread for lulz and great justice!

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Ill let you know im about to play the game now.



the update doesnt affect this glitch. You can do it.


Cool, I meant to repost in here and say it didn't, since I just updated too.


As for a tip with this trick too, seems it only works once, and if you start a race, do badly and then try the trick after the restart, doesn't work either. You have to exit out to free ride and retry it.

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Alright I play the PC version and was concerned it wouldn´t work. It does, though. Just press whatever button opens your map on "GO". If you don´t make it, you have to quit the race and start it again. Simply restarting doesn´t seem to work.


Really convenient!

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