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Dead Air achievement

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Press and hold x on all three radios in the room you started in. Then go to the Comm room (Map Pack 2 Zombies). It's the phone in that room just keep hitting x and you will hear it dial. Give a few seconds and voila!... achievement unlocked!

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I don't think you need to activate the radios in the room you first spawn in. I didn't and I still got the achievement. Although I got the "200 kills" achievement with 192 kills so who knows.


The achievement is worth 10 gamer points.

no you only have to do it to the one in the comm room


Yep, yep, comm room only.

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no u just go to the com room go right the as you enter the room look left on the table is a phone off the hook and a dial radio press and hold x 3 times on the raido and you have staic 1st

morsecode 2nd

and 3

im watching you wen you sleep

then the loseing music from the first nazi zomebies play its very lound and anoying you cant here zombies very well

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