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Mission 13-Okinawa (unlucky for me)


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It can be a difficult one. This is how I got it. I used the B-29 as my upgrade since it can take more damage and has more fifties to fight back with.


When you get to the F6F portion, set them as aggressive. The key to this portion is to keep as many of the Hellcats in front of the formation as possible. I found one problem was they kept staying behind and it would take too long to intercept the enemy planes.


After this portion set all available F4Us and F6Fs to aggressive and move them forward. Try as best as you can to shoot down the flying boats before they launch their torpedoes.


When you get to the portion with the enemy submarine the fastest way to sink the submarine I found was to try and get the depth charges to directly hit the submarine. That seems to cause more damage than near misses.


The next portion was the hardest for me. The Ohka carriers come in from a wide arc. Again, set your fighters to aggressive and try as best as you can. One good thing is your ship's flak can down a lot of the Ohkas. You could try and bomb the two hangers, but I found that I always lost a ship when I tried, so I just used all my Corsairs and Hellcats for attacking the carriers and Ohkas.


The last part is a little easier, but the longer it takes, the closer your invasion fleet gets, so the boats can get pretty close. Again set all aircraft to aggressive and space them so that one squadron is on the other side of Mt. Suribachi and the remaining along the main beach. Now switch to a rocket equipped Corsair and start attacking the docks. I would recommend getting the far one on the other side so you can concentrate all your forces on the main beach. The invasion force gets to that one the fastest, so the suicide boats can get close. Before you destroy the last dock, make sure to go for the two hangers. After they are down, burn the last dock, and you should be set.



Hope this helped.

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What I did was move all of my ships to the top corner of the map where the Yamato comes, I moved my troop transports to the back corner to protect them. Then I took my cruiser and nuturalized the first command post to stop the planes. Once your done with that just wait for the Yamato and send all your ships after her. When you have done that send one group of wildcats to protect the andromida. When you have done that simply move down the shore and attack the command post as you come to them. Doing this on easy of course.

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I cracked it.I first shot down the Emilys and all but one of the Okra carriers which I left alive on edge of map.Then I sent my Corsairs to destroy the hangers and damage the shipyards.Then shot down final Okra carrier and quickly killed off yards and boats.:woop:

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