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Cheato Page Locations


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Spiral Mountain


#1 - Directly across from the cave that leads to Jinjo Village, there is a shock jump pad, use it and land in a nook with the cheato page.



Mayahem Temple


#1 - To the right of the code chamber, and to the right of the snake there is a ledge you can grab, grip grab across it to a platform where the page is.


#2 - On top of the treasure chamber, in front of the entrance. You will need to fly to it.


#3 - Ontop of the prison compound, grip grab the crack that goes over the water, then go through the tunnel to the final page.



Glitter Gulch Mine


#1 - Right infront of the world entrance, on the wooden door frame thin, you can either jump to it from the rope or use the springy shoes.


#2 - Simply beat Canary Mary a second time after you win the jiggy, and you'll get the cheato page.


#3 - In the water storage room, near the crushing shed, jump up to the base of the first water tank, then climb the ladder on the side, the cheato page is in the bottom of the tank



Witchy World

#1 - In the haunted cavern, grip grab the crack above the egg nest (past the entrance to the cave of horrors). Follow the crack to the first page.

#2 - Change into the van and go into the inferno, take the left path and honk at the door for the second page.


#3 - Win the second prize in the saucer of peril game.



Jolly Roder's Lagoon


#1 - The first page is in Pawno's shop, it costs 5 dubloons.


#2 - In the swimming baths use the split up pad and face the entrance again, the page is up on a ledge, you have to glide with kazooie to reach it.


#3 - The final page is in a random transparent fish, you have to talon torpedo through it to get it.





#1 - Near Mumbo's skull, there's a crack you can grip grab, go across it and bill drill the boulder for the first page.


#2 - Directly behind Humba's hut, theres a baby t-rex door, go through it and the page is right in the middle of the room.


#3 - Directly across Humba's hut is Drippy's pool, fly over the wall and swim down to find the third page (Note: you have to fill the pool first in Cloud Cuckooland).



Grunty Industries


#1 - Take the stairs on the first floor to the workers' Quarters, blast the door to the mens room. Bill drill "Loggo" for the first cheato page.


#2 - Outside the building, use a flight pad to go into the breakable window on the same side as the train station button for the second page.


#3 - After you defeat Weldar go to the repair depot, and cross the fan shaft to find the final page.



Hailfire Peaks


#1 - When coming from the Icicle Grotto, jump onto the ledge in the first open area, use a clockwork kazooie egg to go through the small crack and grab the page.


#2 - Climb to the lede on the icy side where you enter Chilly Willy's nest, from there glide to the tall pillar and pickup the cheato page.


#3 - Near the switch in the collesem is a wall with a crack, blast it and get the claw climber boots, go up the tracks on the pillar and go through the door at the top for the final page.



Clouck Cuckooland


#1 - Beat Canary Mary twice to the earn the page (first time you get a jiggy)


#2 - The second page is a prize for the Zubba's nest game


#3 - The third page is a prize for the Jiggy Pot O' Gold game. Score 75 or more to get the page.




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