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100 Day Achievement

Eternal Prince

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If anyone owns this game there is a really easy way to get the 100 day achievement. Or so ive been told.


Create a save, then you disconnect from Live, then move the clock on a year, and then when you start the game back up. Hey presto achievement unlocked. There is a nice 200 points for you. I dont know if this works as i don't have a Japanese console but i guess you could try it out.

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It does work....What I did was popped in the disc while not connected to XBL, so my console thought it was 11-22-2005...i went into the game made a save and then turned the game off......rebooted the console, signed in to XBL, loaded the game back up, load my saved game.....played for a minute then resaved and it did something for like 10 mins with a progress bar and boom...achievement unlocked....easiest 200 i ever got

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Boot it up ,

make the save and exit ,

back to dash ... change to one year later ,

reboot aquazone and load save ,

exit progress bar ,

top left choose to exit game ...


achievement unlocks when exiting ...


or ... you can change the simulation time inside the tank


Thanks for the tip about exiting the progress bar, made it go much quicker, thanks!

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