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I'm pretty sure I'm not the only completionwhore out there for games, achievements or not, and I have nearly all of the awards, so I figured I would just put a simple guide together to help out.


Questions, comments, concerns? Reply to this. :)

My first guide, any help will be appreciated.



Lifetime Awards: Across all games


Attacker- Capture thirty flags.


You do not have to be the actual capturer, as long as it says either 'Capturepoint assist +10' or 'Capture Capturepoint +30' then it counts.


Best Squad- Be the best squad on each map three times.


This one is a little finnicky, because I have yet to get it, even though last night I was counting (I had yet to get the achievement) to see how many times me and my friend were placed as best squad on each map, and it came out to 7, 8, and 10 on the three maps, but I have not recieved the stamp.


The way to unlock this is while in a squad (2 or more people) you must have the highest combined score between all squads, so focus on capturing points and destroying vehicles. After the game, when the scoreboard shows, press X to move to the second info screen and look in the center section (Titled: Best Squad). If you name is listed in that section, then it counts towards this patch. Do this 3 times on each map, either team.


Defender- Defend 20 flags.


This is very easy to get. Every time you see 'Defend +5' pop up, you just added one. To get this either stand in the area of a capture point, and kill an enemy, or kill an enemy currently capturing one of your flags. Repeat 19 more times.


Master Of Your Domain- Get 17 kills playing as each class.


Very easy to get. Just get 17 kills each with the scout, infantry, and rifleman.



Scout: Stay away from enemies, and get someone high up with cover, and then use your sniper. Simple. One shot in the head will kill them, and two shots in the body. The pistol is pretty weak, basically if you miss more than one bullet you probably won't kill the enemy. The detonation charges are good for defending flags. Throw a few down on a flag, or an unmanned tank, and wait for someone to run by and blow it up.

Infantry: Control your fire on your SMG, it has terrible accuracy when spraying, so just fire and release, then fire and release. The rocket launcher is very very accurate, just be sure to compensate for gravity. Aim high across distances of about 150 feet or more. The grenades are awkward to throw, but once you get used to it, they are very handy for clearing out rooms and blowing up jeeps, and are surprisingly strong when used correctly.

Rifleman: Your rifle is extremely good. It is very accurate, with a high rate of fire. Just use your iron sights (LT) and aim for the chest. The rifle grenade is very helpful for destroying jeeps, and blowing people out of cover, just remember to aim high, they arc very heavily.


I don't know if being in a vehicle and getting the kills counts, someone notify me of it if you can.


Melee Man- Get 20 melee kills.


At first melee is a little awkward, but once you get used to it this isn't really difficult. Press Y to switch to your melee weapon (sword for the scout, wrench for infantry, and bayonet for rifleman) and then press the right trigger to swing/stab. Two hits with infantry, one hit with scout and rifleman. Just remember to get very close to them, and best used only when they don't see you.


Milk Run- Fly a plane for 20 minutes.


Just fly any plane for a cumulative 20 minutes, doesn't have to be the same plane or game, just total. With Air Superiority now unlocked, you can get this in a game or two. Just fly around the outside edges, and fly up high.


Tips: Stay high, anti air will rip you to shreds if you stay at a medium-low height, only go closer when trying to strafe them. Go low, then climb right after the pass.


Motorman- Get 25 kills each in a car, plane, and tank.


This is sorta of time consuming, because planes aren't the simplest things to get control of, but once you do it is pretty easy. Just 25 kills in each one, doesn't have to be all at once.



Car: Use the machine gun and aim for the chest, and control your fire to prevent overheating, and when driving just try to line people up right in the middle of the car to run them down.

Plane: Use your bombs all the time, every chance even if you think you might miss, just use them they regenerate about every 10-15 seconds. The machine guns are very powerful, just get low, and aim for the center of the target and you can usually take down jeeps/people in one pass. Tanks take a bomb or two to take out. When dogfighting, keep your corners tight, and cause any planes following you to screw up. LEAD YOUR MACHINE GUN SHOTS, remember they are planes, they are fast. You can tell if you are hitting them if the little red line appears beneath your reticule, and you see little explosions on them. They don't take much to explode, but a lot of people jump out before they blow up, so the kill is lost.

Tanks: Use the infantry class so you can repair between fights. When using the main gun, aim for their feet, so the shots don't fly past them if you miss. When using the coaxial machine gun aim HIGH the thing is pointed down so you can hit people near you. You can see where the shots are hitting if you watch, so you can readjust your aim accordingly. When riding in the tank as the gunner, be prepared to take out any snipers/riflemen quickly. They can rip you to shreds. Just aim for the chest and control your fire, just like the cars.


Parachutist: Use your parachute twice.


Very, very easy. Just jump off of a high structure (out of a plane, or off of the side of the aircraft carriers) and press A, that's one. Do it again, and there you go.


The Pacific Campaign: Win twice on every map as any team.


Pretty easy to do, just keep capturing/defending flags, don't worry about constantly killing people. If the scoreboard comes up and it says 'Your team has won the match', then you just got one of the two for that map. Can be EITHER team, and doesn't have to be in a row.


Tour of Duty I/II: Play 50/130 matches.


Just play fifty/one hundred and thirty matches. You don't have to be in the match the entire time. When I got my Tour of Duty achievement I had just joined a game, and was in it for about 45 seconds before it ended, then it popped. Will come with time. Each match takes about 10-20 minutes, depending on the teamwork and skill of the opposing teams. Don't have to win.


Veteran: Capture 50 flags.


See Attacker, except 20 more. Doesn't take long, flags take about 5 seconds to capture from neutral, twice that if the enemy already has it.


Master Blaster: Kill 50 enemies with grenades, rifle grenades, or explosives.


Just kill 50 enemies with the rifle grenade, hand grenade, detonation charges, rocket launcher, explosive barrels, and POSSIBLY the tank/plane's explosives. I don't know for sure though.


Tips: The rifle grenade is a one-hit kill when directly hit, so just aim for the chest/legs, and remember to aim high, and boom, that's one. Hand grenades are awkward until you get the hang of them. Great for clearing rooms/blowing up jeeps. Use the det. charges on flags, wait for some unexpecting enemy to run by and that's another one.


Infantryman: Kill 50 enemies with a submachine gun.


Infantry class. CONTROL YOUR FIRE. Don't spray. If you spray you will hate this gun. Just fire a round or two, let off the trigger, and do it again. Much better aim, much more damage, much more kills.


Rifleman: Kill 50 enemies with a semiautomatic rifle.


Riflemen class. Aim for the chest, and control your firing speed. Takes 3 or 4 hits for a kill, one if in the head. Very accurate across range, just use your iron sights.


Sniper!: Kill 50 enemies with a scoped rifle.


Scout class. Just get someone high/far away. You don't have to compensate for gravity/wind much if at all. Just aim for the head/upper chest. Two shots is a kill when anywhere but the head, and only one if in the head. Reload when you have the chance, and try not to stand still when someone is shooting back.


The Best: Get the top score in a match.


Capture all the flags you can. Constantly stay on offense. I do best with infantry class because I can rush with the SMG, and I can take out vehicles with the rocket. Destroy vehicles if you can, they give 10 points each, excluding any kills.


Truly Elite: Get ten thousand kills.


Woo, another seriously... challenge. At least this game is actually fun. (Uh-oh!) Takes a while. I'm up to around 17 hours played and I have 1000 kills. All three classes can rack up kills pretty quick in most situations, just find your best class and kill, kill, kill, kill, kill.


Squad Assister: Get 100 squad assists.


A squad assist is when you get a kill assist by someone in your squad killing an enemy. Just get a 4 man squad, and stick together, and shoot everybody you can. When it says 'Kill assist +5' and your squadmate killed them, then you just added one. Takes some time because assists in this game are sometimes a little bit odd in the fact that you can do a ton of damage to someone, and someone else will kill them, but you still won't get the assist.


Squad Avenger: Avenge 100 squad members.


To avenge a squad member, just kill the person who killed them within a few seconds. So basically just get a few crappy squadmates, and follow them around. Takes some time. It will say 'Avenge +5' when you do this right, but it will say that squadmate or not.

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Lifer: Reach top rank


Requires 150,000 Score. When looking on the stats and awards page your rank has a number. The top rank is 50. This is approximately 5,000 kills, depending on bonus and all that. The best way to earn score is to constantly attempt to capture flags, and destroy vehicles. +10 per vehicle and +10 per flag assist, or +30 for flag capture.


Goodbye Blue Sky: Send in an air raid killing at least one enemy.


On all three maps there is a bunker located at one of the bases (Outpost on guadalacanal (Sp?), Airfield on Iwo Jima, and Airfield on Wake Island) which is small, circular, and has a huge radar dish on top of it. It will also have three small planes on top of it on the minimap if it is active. When the radar dish is spinning, run up to the door and press B. In a few seconds you will be controlling three large bombers. Point them over where ever you want to drop the bomb, and right before they get there press UP on the D-PAD and then you have a targeting reticule, AIM where you want to drop the bombs and then pull RT. Pretty easy to kill someone, as the bombs are very powerful.


Fighter Ace: Get 50 kills using a fighter plane.


Sort of annoying, as fighter planes aren't that easy to rack up kills with. Use your bombs often over enemies, and when you have the chance shoot them with your machine gun. I can't really give much info on planes as I really don't use them often at all. Lifetime award.


Wheelman: Get 50 Kills each using any vehicle.


Use ANY vehicle. Plane, train, automobile, tank. Just rack up fifty kills. Tanks and jeeps machine guns tear through people, so they go pretty quick. Just jump in any open vehicle and fire away. Lifetime award.






Anti-Tank efficiency: Kill four enemy vehicles with the recoiless rifle. (AKA Rocket launcher)


The rocket only comes with the Infantry class. It says anti-tank in the title, but all vehicles in the description. It is all vehicles, I'm pretty sure because I don't think I've blown up 4 tanks in one round before, but I've gotten this award 3 times. Just aim for the center of it. Jeeps are one hit, tanks are a TON. I have no clue how many exactly because I haven't really counted, but just work with your allies. Good luck hitting planes. I've been trying the entire time I've been playing, and I've only done it twice. Once he was on the ground taking off, the second time he was trying to strafe me while I was on a road. Just fire rockets at every vehicle you see, they have no limit on their range, they just blow up when they hit something.


Explosives Efficiency: Kill four enemies with grenades or other explosives.


You will probably get this when trying to get the anti-tank efficiency. Just use rockets/rifle grenades/hand grenades/det. charges A LOT. All of them are one hit on infantry, just make sure they are actually directly hit by the explosion. Aim for the ground right underneath them.


Knife Efficiency: Kill four enemies with a melee attack.


Easiest done with the riflemen class, because they have the farthest melee attack as well as a one hit attack. Just look for snipers on top of hills, run up there, and stab them, or hide by a flag and when someone starts taking it, run out and hit them. I got mine running down the road with a wrench. Go figure.


Pistol Efficiency: Kill four enemies with your pistol.


The pistol is very weak, so just get close to someone not paying attention and unload, taking care not to miss any shots. It is pretty accurate, but it is easier to miss at range.


Rifle Efficiency: Kill four enemies with a semiautomatic rifle.


Extremely easy. Use the riflemen class, and aim for center of mass, and make sure to lead your shots. Easy way to do this is camp a little ways from a flag, but watching the flag, and wait for someone to run up to it, then just aim and fire a few times. Pretty simple.


Rifle Grenade Efficiency: Kill four enemies with rifle grenades.


Not too hard. Jeeps are one hit kill, so just take out a few jeeps with a few enemies in them and there you go. If you can't find any jeeps just make sure to aim high and try to directly hit the enemy, because the splash damage in this game is a little finicky, sometimes it is a huge amount, sometimes it is non existent. Single game award.


Tip: A very effective strategy for me when using Rifle Grenades is to fire them at the sandbags/wall directly in front of them. As long as they are actually touching the object they will die in on hit, no matter their health.


SMG Efficiency: Kill four enemies with a submachine gun.


Control your fire! Just use it like it is semi automatic, pull and release, pull and release. Much easier to get kills that way. A good way to get kills with this is to sit in a building next to a flag and wait for someone to try to cap it, and just fire away.


Sniper Efficiency: Kill four enemies with a scoped rifle.


Aim carefully. One shot in the head, two in the body. I can't really help much, just get high and away from enemies, and if someone is looking at you, move.


Best Squad: Get the best squad in the round.


See Best Squad: Do that one time. Single Game Award.


Squad Excellence: Every squad member gets ten kills and at least one stamp.


Much easier than it sounds. You can do this by yourself. Make sure you are not in a squad, and get the ten kills as well as one of the weapon efficiency awards, and there you go. Not difficult. You can unlock this even if your squadmates don't have ten kills. I've done it multiple times.


Team Player: Get ten squad assists.


See: Squad Assister to find out what a squad assist is.


I got this by being the gunner in a tank with my friend. Every kill he got with the tank, while I was gunning, gave me a 'Gunner Assist +10' even if I didn't shoot the person, and every one counted for this award. Pretty easy stuff.


Air Superiority: Shoot down three bombers.


Easiest way to do this is just wait for the bombing run to get called in by the enemy and jump on an AA gun near the middle of the map. Wait for them to get moderately close, and lead them. Make sure to control your fire to prevent the gun from overheating, and you will know if you are hitting them if the explosions occur right next to them, and the red line is appearing underneath your reticule. Not too difficult, the bombing run gets called in every few minutes, about 6-10 times a match. Iwo Jima is a good map for doing this because on top of Mount Suribachi (the big mountain with a capture point on top titled 'Mount Suribachi') there is an anti-air gun on the front left (when looking towards the middle of the island) of it, and the bombing run ALWAYS goes right over it, because the bombing run flys parallel (in the same direction) as the island.


Attacker Efficiency: Capture five enemy flags.


I believe this has to actually be an enemy flag, so you have to take the flag from there control which takes about 5 seconds, and then capture it again so it is in your control. It doesn't have to be you to get the capture, just get the assist and it counts. Just go for the farthest base away from the front line, and chances are no enemies will be there because they will be too busy trying to attack your flags.


Defender Efficiency: Defend 5 flags.


See: Defender for how to defend a flag. Do this 5 times in one match. Simple stuff.


Leatherneck: Get 20 kills.


This one took some effort, because I normally only get about 10-15 kills a game, because I try to cap as many flags as possible....and I screw around often. Basically the way I got it was my friend and I both got the infantry class, and took a tank and just drove to the enemy flags and blew the crap out of them with the main gun/machine gun, and when we had the chance we repaired our tank. We ended the game with 23 kills for him, and 20 kills for me. Not too tough. Pretty easy to do with the rifleman class for me because it has a pretty decent long range ability, as well as close range, and the rifle grenades/hand grenades are surprisingly good at destroying vehicles (tanks included, with a little help).


Vehicle Assist Efficiency: Get 5 vehicle assist kills.


Achiever TM said this:

thia one is hard but doable. what you need to do is take 2/3 of "health" of an enemie vehicle. (not just shoot it) I got mine on Coral Sea. there are two ways of do this.

1 if you are good flying then you must hit enemy planes till thee engine starts releasing smoke, then hope some one else kill him and you will get 1 vehicle destroy assist. do it 5 times.

2 if you relly sucks with planes try to reach enemies base Coral Sea and go to the anti aircraft gun and let the enemies enter in a plane then shoot it twice. when some one kill it you will recieve vehicle destroy assist. very easy this way. this can be done in every map but Coral Sea is better because planes are always respawning and also the enemies ;) good luck guys. hope this help



Air Defense Efficiency: Shoot down two enemy planes with an anti aircraft gun.


Very easy to do because Anti Air guns are VERY VERY strong in this game, and placed very well. Easiest to do on wake island because of very little environment restricting you from shooting them. Just wait until they are within range, and lead your shots. Takes about 5 seconds of damaging them to blow them up. Quick and easy.

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Boat Efficiency: Get two kills in a landing craft.


This is kind of annoying, because you don't really use the landing craft very much, or for very long, but I got this by taking a boat from the ship while the enemy had a flag at the beach we land on, and drove to the side of it, hopped on the machine gun, and blasted three guys. You could also get this in the beginning by shooting down their planes, or driving to their landing zone with it and hoping nobody realizes you are there. Another good way to do this (and to be an ass at the same time) is when your team has all the flags, take a boat and drive it over to where they will be landing, and hop on the machine gun and blast their boats as they try to land. If you beach (drive the boat onto the land) you will have a perfect view of their boats, and their boats guns won't be able to see you because of the door.


Bombing Efficiency: Get four kills with bombing raids.


See: Goodbye Blue Sky for information on bombing raids.

Just get the bombing raid every chance you get and drop it on any flag they are taking, or their closest flag to your flags. You should get one or two every time and it spawns pretty regularly.


Car Efficiency: Get four kills with a car.


The machine gun does not count for this. You have to run down four enemies. It is pretty annoying, actually, because the game's hit registering with vehicles is really awkward. About 1 out of every 10 times you hit someone they will just go through you, no damage at all. Just find a heavily traffic area on the road, and plow through one or two a few times over in a game and you'll get it.


HMG Efficiency: Get four kills with a heavy machine gun.


An HMG is one of the machine guns that are attached to the environment. Just use it like one of the vehicle machine gun. Aim for the chest, control your fire. Mount Suribachi is a good place for this award, because there are 3 machine guns on the front of it, and you can decimate enemies trying to attack the front, as well as fire upon the Fishing Village.


Fighter Efficiency: Get five kills with a fighter plane.


See: Motorman for information on flying a plane.

I can't really give much information about this because I don't fly that often. Just try to stay away from Anti-Air and try not to crash.


Tank Efficiency: Get four kills in a tank.


See: Motorman for information of using a tank.


It is pretty simple to do, just use infantry so you can repair yourself, and aim high with the coaxial machine gun. Pretty simple stuff.


Vehicle Destroyer: Destroy six vehicles in any fashion.


Just use the rocket launcher or rifle grenades, and blow up any vehicles you see. Pretty easy. Aim high with them, they drop rapidly.Pretty easy to do in the new Air Superiority game type. Just shoot down six planes. Even if the enemy jumps out, just blow up their plane. If it says '+10 destory vehicle' then your good. If you're crappy at flying, then just run into 6 of them. That counts also, haha.






If you want any extra tips, just reply to this with what you need help with and I'll explain in detail how I did it.

Questions, comments, concerns? Reply to this. :)

My first guide, any help will be appreciated.

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Bit unrealistic when the Thompson/Type 100 takes like 1 clip to kill somone...


I started off using Infantry, but the more I play (if I can ever get in a game).....I think the Rifleman is way better. I suck with the sniper, so I got my one kill and moved on back to Rifleman. Lol.

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Nice to have some tips here, but I think I've noticed something that you've missed. You could streamline the guide a bit with this.


You're labeling everything "Lifetime Award" or "Single Game Award" but that isn't necessary.


You'll notice that from the first "Efficiency" Award onwards, they're all Single Game Awards, and before that Award, they're all Lifetime Awards. Once you start unlocking them, you'll also notice that Lifetime Awards are big, full-cover postcards, where-as the Single Game Awards are stamps on a brown letter.


So basically, the first half of the Awards; 3 rows of 8 Awards, 24 Awards; are all Lifetime Awards, and the second half are Single Game Awards.


So you can just point this out so you won't have to label everything constantly (I also noticed that you forgot to label some of them with the Award category anyway, so you really could do with some clean-up. =P)

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The Best Squad one is glitched. I have never reached over 100 points on any level and just recently after I killed someone in the middle of the match the achievement popped up.
Yes but this is the Awards Guide, not the Achievement Guide. As far as I can tell Awards are never awarded for no reason, but there are some problems with triggering Awards even after fulfilling the requirements.


A similar situation happened with me, though. I probably shouldn't have received the achievement but I did (I can't remember how I did, I score way over 100 points a match, though,) except it was after a match, not in the middle.

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Lifer: Reach top rank



Lifetime award. Will edit when more info comes in.


You need 150,000 points to reach the highest rank. Roughly 5000 kills depending on other point variables and bonuses. Great first guide, keep it up!

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Air Superiority: Shoot down three bombers. Can I shoot one then wait till the next 3 are called shoot one again and wait till the next 3 are called or do i need to kill all 3 from one time?

You can shoot them down from multiple bombing runs either by AA gun or via a fighter or a combination of the two, even after the bombs have been dropped. It just needs to be done in one match.

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You'll notice that when you blow up a vehicle that has an enemy inside of it, it will say Destroy Vehicle +10 (or whatever the bonus is) at the bottom of the screen.


When you destroy a completely random vehicle with nobody in it, you don't get any reward. Vehicles don't have their own designation, so they can't be seen as an "enemy vehicle" unless an enemy is inside of it.


Therefore, to get the Award, the 6 vehicles you must destroy must also have an enemy inside of them at the time.


There are some times where an enemy just left the vehicle, and the game will still reward you with the vehicle destruction typically as it takes out the enemy at the same time. Those count as well.

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You'll notice that when you blow up a vehicle that has an enemy inside of it, it will say Destroy Vehicle +10 (or whatever the bonus is) at the bottom of the screen.


When you destroy a completely random vehicle with nobody in it, you don't get any reward. Vehicles don't have their own designation, so they can't be seen as an "enemy vehicle" unless an enemy is inside of it.


Therefore, to get the Award, the 6 vehicles you must destroy must also have an enemy inside of them at the time.


There are some times where an enemy just left the vehicle, and the game will still reward you with the vehicle destruction typically as it takes out the enemy at the same time. Those count as well.


can i shoot down 6 enemy airplanes with people in them 6 times. all with the anti-tank cannon?

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I recieved the Wheelman Award (get fifty kills each using any vehicle) without getting more then 10 kills with vehicles I maybe have 7-8 but have blown up 50+ vehicles...so I don't know if this was glitched and I got it by accident or it will unlock for anyone that blows up 50+ vehicles.


let it be known I don't have the Motorman award.

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Bit unrealistic when the Thompson/Type 100 takes like 1 clip to kill somone...

thats funny iv killed 3 ppl with 1 clip. just aint and fire it like the m16 from cod 4. short burts are alot easier;) to control and no muzzle flash to deal with to keep ur aim good

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