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this game is hard

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ok i have 1000/1000 Tetris Evolution an 200/200 Tetris splash, but this game is so much harder, i am currently stuck on 325g, i just wanted to let people know that i have gotten all this without boosting online, you do have to go into the xbox live menu from the main screen, then choose the third option, you will then have 5 boxes change the box on the left to the option that kind of looks like 4 squares then hit the top box, this is a challenge type mode you will start getting 5g's for each one completed then 10's, 15's, 20's.. they get very hard though!!

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Yeah TGM ACE is probably the hardest game I have ever done. Tetris evolution took me 3hours, and TGM ACE took 4 days but most of that was boosting. If you stick to only TGM for a day or two it will become easier. I had a list of how to get the secret 20 pointers but I lost the sheet I wrote them on. =(

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