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Red Faction: Guerrilla FAQ'S. Plese look here before you post!!!!

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Q: Does the difficulty affect the achievements at all?

A: Nope, just play your game on easy unless you want a challenge. If you already started, just switch it to easy...It won't affect any achievements.

Q: Is it even possible to obtain the full 1000 GS in this game?

A: Yes, it is possible. None of the achievements themselves are glitched.


Q:The House Arrest Missions all look like I haven't completed them when I finish the game, WTF?

A: This is the glitch. When you complete each arrest mission for the first time, you get credit for them towards your total. Just keep track of which one's you have/have not completed and you'll be fine. Maybe wait and do all of them in one run when you complete the game.


*EDIT* - This should be fixed now with the last patch. FYI.


Q: Where can I find a list of all the bonus XP events?

A: Right here.

Q: How do I get the Ostrich Hammer?

A:120,000 xp online. Boost it or do it legit.


Q: Will the new DLC have achievements?

A: Yes

Q: I'm stuck at ___ out of 104 guerrilla actions and nothing is popping up for me. Am I screwed?

A: The best thing to do before starting your game is to get this list of radio missions and check them off as you go through the game. Some people have problems getting certain actions to pop up after finishing the game, which is really annoying. Use the list and the map at the above link and you will not have any problems. Complete all of the guerrilla actions as you clear each sector. If you miss one, no worries as you can go back and finish it after you have completed the game. If you have already finished your game and you are still stuck, try using the same link above to get the action you need to pop up, but you might be better of to just start a new game, the campaign isn't that long. If you have any problems, post in that thread.


Q: How do I raise morale in a sector I already liberated?

A: Destroying any EDF property like Billboards, buildings, troops, vehicles and so on – all count towards dropping the EDF control and raising your morale. When you finish the game you can go back and most of the EDF buildings will be back. You can raise all the morale back up to 100 very easily.


Q: How can I finish the transporter pro times? Are there videos?

A: Yes, check out this guys youtube page. He has links to every pro time and shows the best way to go. Follow the video and you'll have no problems.


Q: How do I get into the radiated area? I die every time!

A: You have to buy the radiation shielding from the armory at any safe house. Please note that you can't do this until you are prompted to in the story.


Q: There are no new story missions popping up for me on my map, WTF?

A: Try buying the nano forge from the armory @ the safe house. This is a story requirement. You should get a cut scene after you acquire it.


Q: I'm having problems with the Demolition pro times, any help?

A: Check out this thread, lots of tips on each pro time. If you still need help,post in that thread.


Q: I want to boost my xp. What's the best way?

A: This thread has a video with the fastest way. If you need a boosting partner, post here.


Q: Is there a list of all the unlockables in the online?

A: Yes, right here.


Q: I'm missing ____ ore mines out of 300. Where are they?

A: Most people used this map and have had no problems finding all of them. Some people have claimed to be missing one. I used the brady guide and found that two were missing. Use the above link and make sure you check and re-check which ones you have collected.


Q: Where can I find a map of all the Radio tags?

A: Same interactive map as above, located here.


Q: Is there an achievement guide for Demons of the badlands?

A: Until it is posted in with the guide on the achievement page, you can find it here.


Q: How do I play the DLC?

A: On the main menu there is an option for 'Downloadable Content'. Then you just need to pick a save slot. remember this is re-write your auto save, so make sure you have a back up if you are going back to the main story.



If anyone can think of anything else, post here. This is just for FAQ's.





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hey i found these codes i dont think they stop achievements cause they realy dont do anything to crazy ones for a hammer and the other for some maps in wrecking crew. The map one should make the one achievement for x amount of damage in wrecking crew easier not sure thou so here they are i dont know where else to put them and dint want to open a new post. Gold hammer "HARDHITTER" must be caps and maps for wrecking crew "MAPMAYHEM" enter them in options at the main menu.

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i have a question:

it says on my multiplayer statistics that ive finished 250 multiplayer matches, but no "topher would be proud" achievement popped up, am i doing something wrong here?

thanks :)

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Q: How do I get into the radiated area? I die every time!

A: You have to buy the radiation shielding from the armory at any safe house.


You should mention here that you can't buy the shielding until prompted by the story to do so. You may save yourself from having to answer this question later on by adding it now.

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I've just liberated Dust, all the Action markers have disappeared apart from Transporter and Demo ones. Will these come back when I have finished the game so I can do them? Or have I messed up and need to start again?


Once you finish the game they will come back. They just disappear when you are still in the campaign and liberate a sector.

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That's good to know, thank you :)


Is that the same for the targets of high importance? Will I still be able to get the achievement for those if I don't get it before I finish the main story?


That I'm not 100% on.I know I destroyed them as I went along, so I don't think any were left when I finished. Try and do them as you progress just in case.

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i used the map and read that u saw two missing ore locations and thats what i need do you happen to know where they are and also missing 1 radio tag but sure i looked at every location


Off hand I can't remember, but I didn't use the interactive map when I did my collecting, I used the Brady games guide which has quite a few flaws it it.


Also, updated with 2 more questions.

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