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A 2rue boofer

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Okay thanks and I'm getting used to this game but some challenges are hard. I also unlocked my second camp.I need advice for Vista points.


the challenges are not only hard, they are a pain to even WANT to do them. I have 130 left and i cant find myself doing more than 10 a day as they are sooo boringgggggg. What game makes 25 mile races, in which it is SOO easy to beat the AI in this game? You end up winning the races by more than 5 miles everytime.

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I think i must have had this game for about 2 years and ive got 32/46 achievements. It took a looonngg time to unlock the most recent set of camps and i can tell its going to take just as long to unlock Mt Rainier. The thing thats giving me trouble is the Vista Points. A lot of them are near impossible to reach. Most of the ones i have left to get (about half) are on top of mountains with shear 90 degree clifs all around. If anyone is having trobule with the vista points then The Educator can climb most steep mountains. Is there a guide somewhere on getting all vista points?

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