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My XBA Profile - Setup and Upkeep

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ATTENTION: Due to spambots attacking the website, we now require 5 posts before editing ANY profile information. Once you hit 5 posts, all the steps below should work.


WARNING: If you are found to have spammed useless crap to reach your 5 posts, that would not be good for you. Only post if you have something useful to add to a conversation/topic/whatever - it is not hard to find good discussions or people with questions that you can answer, and 5 posts is not a large amount. Make good posts, please.



Disclaimer: Ignore the awful avatar I'm rocking in some of these pictures. I had my 360 out at my friend's bachelor party and they had some fun with my account when I fell asleep. I keep forgetting to change it back. :p


If you need any additional assistance using the profile feature, feel free to ask and I'll add it in this walkthrough.



First and foremost, you'll need to click "My Profile" from the left-hand side of the main site (picture), or alternatively you can just click here to be able to edit any settings of your profile.

Part 1: Your Gamertag


The first thing you'll want to do is link your Gamertag to your account. This is done through the forums. To do this, simply visit the Edit Your Details page on the forums and fill in the very last box (go ahead and fill in everything else there while you're at it!) and this will pull your tag, avatar and whatnot from xbox.com to display on your profile and next to all your forum posts. (picture)


Part 2: Collection and Wishlist


To get your owned games or games you're looking forward to in these tabs, you'll have to add them individually from each game's page on the main site. The best way to get to a game's page is to use the "Search " box in the right corner (picture) of the site (same spot on forums). This search engine will match any section of a game's name, so if you're looking for "Defender" you can simply type in "end" and it will come up.


Some games the search engine doesn't like (such as "F.E.A.R.") because of the syntax in the game's name. For these, use the links in the "Achievements" tab of the site (picture)to find the game's page depending on which type it is. Remember the trick I mentioned in the previous paragraph to help you search for games.


If a game's achievements are not revealed yet, they won't be on the above list, however. If you can't find it using the "Search" box because of weird syntax and we have not revealed the achievements yet, as a last resort, try to backtrack through our news section and find a piece of news about the game. It will be linked to the game's page that way.


At any rate, whichever way you get to a game's page, simply click the links inside the "Game Info" box on the right side to add it to either your collection or wishlist (picture).


To remove a game from your wishlist, you can go to the game's page and click the link there (picture), or you can instead move a game from your wishlist straight into your collection by finding the link inside your "My Profile" link under the "Wishlist" tab, right next to the game's details (picture). You can also remove it entirely from there if you want.


To remove a game from your collection, again go to that game's page and find the link inside the "Game Info" box (picture).


Part 3: My Achievements


This is best explained by the FAQ found here.


Part 4: Played Games


This is only active if you are on the site's automatic Leaderboard system. Info on signing up for that here.


Part 5: 100% Clubs


Just below all the above information is the 100% Clubs. Click the "(edit)" button (picture), then find all the games you consider to be 100% complete and check them off from each section: Retail, XBLA, Japanese, PC or WP7 (picture). Then save by clicking the button at the bottom of any of the tabs. You can edit all four tabs and only have to save once (picture).


Note: If you are on our site Leaderboards, the 100% Clubs will be imported automatically for you and you will not have a manual editing function.


Part 6: Achievement Case


You'll obviously need to enable this first to use it, so either click here or find the link on the right-hand side of your profile editing page (picture). Now go ahead and fill in anything you want from the provided categories (picture). You don't have to fill them all in if you don't want to, which is why some of the ones in the picture there don't have images in some boxes. Personally, I don't really have any "Never Again!" games, as I'll always go to stupid lengths for achievements. :p


Part 7: Sharing Your Profile


Now that your profile is all set up, if you want to link someone directly to your profile, you will first need to find the link that other people see. This can be found by clicking the "View My Profile" link attached to all your posts (picture). Then just copy/paste the link in your address bar (picture) and you will be able to create a link, just like that!


In the future we hope to have the ability for your username to be your link, but for now it is your user ID number.



When all is said and done, your profile should look something like this, depending obviously on how much you've decided to fill in and how many things you have to add.


Hope this helped. Any further questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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