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Mothership Zeta: Alien Audio Log Guide


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Mothership Zeta: Alien Audio Log Guide

Part 1, Escape and Rescue



NOTE: If you miss any of these collectibles you may not be able to go back and collect them once you finish the game. Most areas from the main Engineering Room are locked and none accessible after the story. This guide does contain spoilers!


Please let me know if there are any mistakes or alterations required for this, I have tried to make it as clear as i can and hopefully the screenshots help.


Copyright Notice: This guide should not be used without written permission, the images are copyright of their owners and supplied as part of x360a.org only.




These logs are listed in the order you will find them not in the order they are numbered. I have also grouped them according to the areas you will find them.


1, 2, 3. Holding Cells - Audio Logs 14, 15, 22

Turn left as soon as you exit the holding bay and head to the end of the hallway. You will find audio log 22 and 15 in the same place.




4, 5, 6 Holding Cells - Audio Logs 1, 3, 12

As you leave the room hallway with the holding cells you will enter a second room with computers, Look to your left and you will see the two audio log panels. The third one is located next to the door just right of the other two. This is just before you meet Sally for the first time.




7, 8, 9, 10 Engineering Room - Audio Logs 5, 6, 7, 8

Once you have escaped from the cell and made your way up to the engineering room you will find four people frozen in a cryogenic chambers (Samurai, Cowboy, Astronaut and a Wastelander). Beside each of the chambers you will find the audio logs.






11. Cryo Lab - Audio log 4

Once you enter the cryo lab you will find a button to push just in front of you on the left side in the middle of the room. after you have pushed the button head down the stairs which you will find to your right as you entered. Head through the doorway and look behind the healing archway.




12. Cryo Lab - Audio log 2

Enter the next room from the previous one, look to your left and you will see a big empty room with cryogenic pods in the center lowered into the floor. Look on the wall to the right in the corner.




13, 14. Cryo Lab - Audio logs 11, 17

On your way through the cry labs you will need to activate a switch to open the door so you can progress. You will see a few dead raider on operation tables with a few aliens inspecting them. Press the button to activate the cryogenic freeze process, once this is complete you will be able to enter the room and collect the audio locks which are either side of the doorway you need to go through.




15. Cryo Storage - Audio log 25

Once you enter cryo storage look directly to your left and you will see the panel up against the wall. You will find it just to the left of a electric power/shock tower.




16. Cryo Storage - Audio log 16

Just after audio log 25 head out the room via the left corridor and then down the stairs to the left in the main storage room. Walk straight forward and the audio panel will be straight in front of you on the right side.




17. Maintenance Level/Waste Disposal - Audio Log 19

Once you exit Robot Assembly (entering the engineering core) you will noticed a teleporter to the right of you. One of the robot drones will teleport and attack you. Enter the telepoter as soon as you kill the drone otherwise you may miss out on collecting this log (there isn't always a drone, but you may hear sally shout ambush). Once you have completed the waste disposal area you won't be able to enter again.


As you carry on your path you will find Sally messing with a panel. You don't have a choice which way you go so keep progressing. A little way through the waste area you will start to be chased, keep going until you enter a big room where you will need to kill more aliens. At the entrance of the room you will find the audio log.




18. Cargo Hold/Research Lab - Audio Log 13

As you enter the cargo hold you will notice a door to your left, ignore this door as it's none accessible. Progress through the cargo hold to the bottom left hand corner of the map and you will find the entrance to the research lab.


Once you enter the door and follow the hallway you will enter a room full of cars and the space shuttle. The audio log panel is just to the left of the shuttle on the ground. (Be careful not to shoot the cars like i did).




19. Research Lab - Audio Log 21

Carry on from audio log 13 by turning 180 degrees and look for a door on the same wall you entered through. Follow the corridor to another big room full of pipes and metal horses. The audio log is in the middle of the room near the horses.





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Mothership Zeta: Alien Audio Log Guide

Part 2, This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough.

If you have made it this far and may have missed any collectibles you are going to have to revert back to a previous save as there is no way to go back and collect them.


20. Weapon Research - Audio Log 24

Shortly after you see the alien hologram Sally will open the door so you can carry on. You will need to go ahead and activate the teleporter to progress. On your path you will need to fight you way past a few aliens and robot drones. You will soon enter a room where you will find lots of weapons, ammo and a test chamber to the right.


As soon as you walk in you will find the audio log in front of you in between various computer terminals.




21. Experimentation Lab - Audio Log 20

As you progress on you will exit the weapons lab and enter the experimentation lab. Walk into the lab and turn right, walk through a room in front of you and head to the back room with the probe chairs. You can't miss them as they look like they could part of the matrix.




22. Experimentation Lab - Audio Log 10

Carry on your path towards your objective, you will enter a room where you will have to destroy a power core to progress. As you enter the audio log panel is against the wall on the right hand side.




23. Experimentation Lab - Audio Log 9

Go through the door and follow the corridors around until you enter an operating room. Two "abominations" will be chasing the other aliens so watch out for them. The audio log panel is next to the operation tables.




24. Biological Research - Audio Log 18

You need to enter biological research which is back out in the corridors you enter the operation room from. Enter the door and head up the stairs to your right. As you walk forward from the platform you will see the a small area of computers/workstations. The audio panel is located on the left side.




25. Alien Living Quarters - Audio Log 23

You will find this one a little later on after you have disabled the the Death Ray. You will need to carry on and disable the big gun then enter a teleporter which will take you to the living quarters. As you work your way through the areas you will come across 2 rooms joined with a wall in the middle As you enter the audio log panel is on your right hand side. Before you get to the door for this room you will need to walk down a corridor with pillars in the middle, the door you need to enter will be on your left hand side.




Congratulations you have just found all the collectibles.

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Thanks guys, this guide almost didn't happen. Though as I started playing through and hunting for the audio logs I decided to go back to previous saves to capture the screens and take notes while playing.


I just hope my photobucket account doesn't die on me this time until pants can get the images uploaded to the site.

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When I found this guide a few minutes ago, I made a comment to the guy I was in XBL Party Chat with about how easy it is to tell when people really care about putting a guide together. A good many of them seem to just be so that the author can say "Hey, look at me - I made a guide!" ...


This is definitely NOT one of those. You can tell time was taken to do it well, and to do it right. Great, clear pictures, and descriptive text. Very easy to follow.


Props to you, sir! Very well done.

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once you find sally, continue on until she says something about an ambush, then look around there for it....just make sure you have your volume turned up...its after the small rooms with the crushing pillar things
What ambush are you talking about? when you find her in the elevator when you destroy all 3 things someone please help me ffs..
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What ambush are you talking about? when you find her in the elevator when you destroy all 3 things someone please help me ffs..


okay in the main hub of the engineering core there is a teleporter on one of the sides, go into it...you will then find sally messing with a control in the elevator thing, after you fall and seperate continue on , you will come to some rooms with crushing pillar things, then you will be in a bigger room and she will say they are ambushing you (in truth there arent many), in that room look around its in there

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19 is probably the most annoying one to find as you need to go so out of your way to find it. Outside the robot assembly door you will find a teleporter to the left hand side of the door if your facing it. Enter the teleporter, follow the hallways until you find sally. You will then progress through and be dumped into a trash pile and have to make your own way through a maze of junk and vile stuff.


You will then find yourself going through rooms where sally opens the doors to you, they also have pillars moving up and down in the middle, watch out for those. At the end of these linked hallways you will have to fight a few aliens, you need to enter through a big circular door. The audio log is located on the right hand side as you enter.


That's the best I can explain how to get audio log 19. Unless your on about 19 in the list.


Also the ambush everyone is telling you about happens once you exit the robot assembly door back into the main engineer core room. Sally shouts it as a few aliens attack the survivors, normally a robot drone will come up through the teleporter you need to use to get to waste disposal.


If your trying to find #19 on the list not audio log 19 you need to goto the cargo hold and head to the bottom left corner to enter the research lab.

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I really hate that you can miss these collectables. The other DLCs collections werent missable so why close off areas of the ship once your done with it?!? Oh well, at least Fizzmatix is our saviour :D Time for another run through!

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