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the achievement guide translate


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1 Clear Elementary 5

GOC clear tutorial


2 Subdue the armies of darkness 10

Overthrow the Ashley


3 Fang runaway beast 5

Corp. among the beat


4 Dark Magic beat the guru 10

Overthrow the DOYASU


5 Defeat the Black Lion 10

Overthrow the ANKUROWAIYA


6 Fangs of the beast to rest 10

Beat the beast RYUHAIN Fang


7 Child of the explosive flame 50

Hiro has a friend


8 Power of the Black Knights 50

Ace has the blood group


9 Apprentice monarch 10

30 warlords to the fraternity


10 Prince of the ordinary 50

80 warlords to the fraternity


11 Handsome prince 100

Fellow warlords to 130 people


12 The great prince 150

Fellow warlords to 180 people


13 Ruler of the continent 200

Fellow warlords to 240 people


14 GOC Master 100

Clear all scenarios


Secret Achievements





16 7 cooperate with the angels of God 100

Fellow of the Earth


17 Acquisition of 10 mineral pyroxene dragon

To subdue the dragon ore.


18 Purification of the soul罪深KI 10

All power to overthrow the power of the Dark Dragon


19 Remains secret RUNIKA 10

Know the secret of the ruins RUNIKA


20 Purification of the soul罪深KI 10

All power to overthrow the power of the Dark Dragon

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This game was released on Nov,29th 2007 Japan Only(per GameFaqs). However. There are what appears to be 3 games at the main menu. One of these is Generation of Chaos. Which was also released on the PSP in the U.S. Wether the two versions are the same I can not verify at this time. I do have the PSP version of the game but it is sealed(That's why it looked familiar). I would have to rent the PSP version some day if i wanted to take a serious crack at the Achivements in the 360 version of the game. Then hopefully the other two games will play similar. If anyone is interested, Here are the Names of the games on the Menu. Apocalypse Desire Next, Generation of Chaos, and Generation of Chaos Next. Hope this helps anyone who also is interested in looking into this game.


NIS published this (Generation of Chaos) in the U.S. for PSP. Hats off to them for bringing it over in some form. Now if only there was a way to convince them to go multi plat!

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