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Bioshock: Plasmids, Tonics, Upgrades, Diary's & Little Sister Guide


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I would like to thank Dakind240, SRH KRONIC and K00PA TR00PER for their efforts with the previous guides. I have put this together to tidy up the forum a little and to isolate all the collectible guides in one thread rather than scattered over five.


Important, Please Read!

Before you read on, this guide is broken up into the relevant sections, please read carefully to make sure you do not miss anything. There are quite a few things you need to keep in mind while going for "Tonic Collector", "Historian", "Dealt with every Little Sister" and "Little Sister Savior". If you want to earn all your tonics you need to save every little sister. Killing Cohen will cause you to miss a weapons upgrade, three audio diary's are easy to miss.



There are a quite a few achievements to earn for this guide which include the following:


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/271/1Tc8P2Ni.jpgUpgraded a Weapon - 5http://tinyurl.com/gicon

Acquire at least one weapon upgrade.


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/271/1Dc8P2Ni.jpgOne Fully Upgraded Weapon - 5http://tinyurl.com/gicon

Fully upgrade one weapon.


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/271/0Dc8P2Ni.jpgTwo Fully Upgraded Weapons - 5http://tinyurl.com/gicon

Fully upgrade two weapons.


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/271/0Tc8P2Nh.jpgThree Fully Upgraded Weapons - 10http://tinyurl.com/gicon

Fully upgrade three weapons.


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/271/1Tc8P2Nj.jpgFour Fully Upgraded Weapons - 10http://tinyurl.com/gicon

Fully upgrade four weapons.


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/271/1zc8P2Ni.jpgFive Fully Upgraded Weapons - 10http://tinyurl.com/gicon

Fully upgrade five weapons.


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/271/1Tc8P2Nk.jpgWeapon Specialist - 20http://tinyurl.com/gicon

Acquire all upgrades for all weapons.


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/271/0zc8P2Nj.jpgHistorian - 50http://tinyurl.com/gicon

Find every audio diary.


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/271/0Dc8P2Nm.jpgTonic Collector - 50http://tinyurl.com/gicon

Collect or Invent 53 Tonics in the Physical, Engineering and Combat tracks.


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/271/1Tc8P2Nn.jpgDealt with every Little Sister - 40http://tinyurl.com/gicon

Either Harvest or Rescue every Little Sister in the game


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/271/1jc8P2Nk.jpgLittle Sister Savior - 100http://tinyurl.com/gicon

Complete the game without harvesting any Little Sisters.

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Plasmids & Tonics


Before you attempt to find all the tonics and plasmids please note that you must save all the little sisters, if you harvest any of them you will miss out on a gift once you save the last little sister.


Plasmids (20)


  • Cyclone Trap - (60 ADAM) Gatherer's Garden, Arcadia
  • Cyclone Trap 2 - (80 ADAM) Gatherer's Garden in Hephaestus
  • Electro Bolt - (Found) Gatherer's Garden, Welcome to Rapture
  • Electro Bolt 2 - (120 ADAM) Gatherer's Garden, Arcadia
  • Electro Bolt 3 - (150 ADAM) Gatherer's Garden, Hephaestus
  • Enrage! - (80 ADAM) Gatherer's Garden, Medical Pavilion
  • Hypnotize Big Daddy - (Reward) Rewarded for rescuing three Little Sisters
  • Hypnotize Big Daddy 2 - (Reward) Rewarded for rescuing nine Little Sisters
  • Incinerate! - (Found) Found in Eternal Flame Crematorium, Medical Pavilion
  • Incinerate! 2 - (100 ADAM) Gatherer's Garden, Fort Frolic
  • Incinerate! 3 - (150 ADAM) Gatherer's Garden, Olympus Heights
  • Insect Swarm - (60 ADAM) Gatherer's Garden, Silverwing Apiary in the Farmer's Market
  • Insect Swarm 2 - (80 ADAM) Gatherer's Garden, Fort Frolic
  • Insect Swarm 3 - (120 ADAM) Gatherer's Garden, Olympus Heights
  • Security Bullseye - (Found) Found in the Wharf Masters area, Neptune's Bounty
  • Target Dummy - (60 ADAM) Gatherer's Garden, Neptune's Bounty
  • Telekinesis - (Found) Found, Gatherer's Garden, Dandy Dental in the Medical Pavilion
  • Winter Blast - (60 ADAM) Gatherer's Garden, Neptune's Bounty
  • Winter Blast 2 - (100 ADAM) Gatherer's Garden, Fort Frolic
  • Winter Blast 3 - (150 ADAM) Gatherer's Garden, Olympus Heights

Physical Tonics (19)


You will need to gather various items to make each tonic using the U-Invent machines. Search everywhere and check the requirements for each tonic on the machine you are using. There are plenty of items to find, you may also need to kill a few big daddy's to gather some harder to find items.


  • BloodLust - Invented from a U-Invent vending machine, Fort Frolic.
  • Booze Hound - Invented from a U-Invent vending machine, Fort Frolic.
  • Eve Link - Gatherer's Garden, Medical Pavilion onwards.
  • Eve Link 2 - Found On the ground in the Farmer's Market.
  • Extra Nutrition - Gatherer's Garden, Neptune's Bounty onward.
  • Extra Nutrition 2 - Found in Fort Frolic, Downstairs inside Sinclair Spirits.
  • Extra Nutrition 3 - Rewarded at researching forth level of Spider Splicers.
  • Hacker's Delight - Found in the Medical Pavilion. Look for the furnace inside the Eternal Flame Crematorium. Activate the furnace with the body and you will find the tonic in the ashes.
  • Hacker's Delight 2 - Invented from a U-Invent vending machine, Fort Frolic.
  • Hacker's Delight 3 - Found in Point Prometheus. Look on the desk with the Rosie helmets in Failsafe Armored Escorts.
  • Medical Expert - Found in Neptune's Bounty. Located in the Lower Wharf on the ground.
  • Medical Expert 2 - Rewarded in Fort Frolic for completing Sander Cohen's masterpiece.
  • Medical Expert 3 - Found near a bathroom in Dr. Suchong's clinic, look on the second floor of Artemis Suites in Apollo Square.
  • Natural Camouflage - Rewarded for researching second level Houdini Splicers.
  • Scrounger - Rewarded for researching second level Leadhead Splicers.
  • Security Evasion - Found on the ground in Arcadia.
  • Security Evasion 2 - Found On a desk in Lower Heat Loss Monitoring, next to an Audio Diary.
  • Sportboost - Rewarded for researching level 2 Thuggish Splicers.
  • Sportboost 2 - Rewarded for researching 4 Thuggish Splicers.

Engineering Tonics (16)


Most of these tonics are found but you will have to buy a couple from gatherer's gardens.


  • Alarm Expert - Found in Frolic, look on the right hand side balcony of the Fleet Hall Theater.
  • Alarm Expert 2 - Found in the Live Subject Testing area of Point Prometheus. Look on the filing cabinet.
  • Clever Inventor - Found On the desk in Dr. Suchong's apartment in Olympus Heights.
  • Focused Hacker - Found at the entrance to Fontaine Fisheries in Neptune's Bounty. it's frozen in ice near a dispenser.
  • Focused Hacker 2 - Found in Apollo Square on the fourth floor of the Hestia. Look on the desk near a safe.
  • Hacking Expert - Found on a desk inside inside the Research Laboratories in Arcadia.
  • Hacking Expert 2 - Gatherer's Garden, Fort Frolic.
  • Prolific Inventor - Rewarded for saving eighteen Little Sisters.
  • Safecracker - Rewarded for saving six Little Sisters.
  • Safecracker 2 - Found in the autopsy lab of Little Wonders in Point Prometheus
  • Security Expert - Found in the Twilight Fields funeral home, Medical Pavilion
  • Security Expert 2 - Rewarded for researching second level Security Bot.
  • Shorten Alarms - Found near "Saw Masha Today" Recording in Neptune's Bounty, can also be bought in Arcadia from a Gatherer's garden.
  • Shorten Alarms 2 - Found in the the Core of Hephaestus before you set off the EMP bomb.
  • Speedy Hacker - Found in Painless Dental lab, the Medical Pavilion. Look on the desk to find the tonic.
  • Speedy Hacker 2 - Gatherer's Garden, Olympus Heights onward.

Combat Tonics (18)


  • Armored Shell - Gatherer's Garden, Medical Pavilion onward.
  • Armored Shell 2 - A reward from the Little Sisters, Olympus Heights.
  • Damage Research - Found on a table in the Lower Workshop, Hephaestus.
  • Damage Research 2 - Found in the Mendel Family Library, Point Prometheus
  • Electric Flesh - Found in projector room in Fort Frolic, Gatherer's Garden in Hephaestus.
  • Electric Flesh 2 - On a desk in Frank Fontaine's Mercury Suites apartment, Olympus Heights
  • Frozen Field - Found on the body of Martin Finnegan in the frozen passageway to Poseidon Plaza, Fort Frolic
  • Frozen Field 2 - Found on the desk in the side office of central control,Hephaestus. Gatherer's Garden at Olympus Heights onward.
  • Human Inferno - Gatherer's Garden in Arcadia onward.
  • Human Inferno 2 - Gatherer's Garden in Point Prometheus.
  • Photographer's Eye - Found in the cellar of Worley's Winery, Farmer's Market, Arcadia
  • Photographer's Eye 2 - Complete the second level of research for Rosies.
  • Static Discarge - Found in the surgical ward, Medical Pavilion.

  • Static Discharge 2 - Rewarded for researching Leadhead Splicer to level four. Gatherer's Garden, Arcadia.
  • Wrench Jockey - Found in the Kure-All office, Medical Pavilion.
  • Wrench Jockey 2 - Research second level of Bouncer Big Daddy.
  • Wrench Lurker - Gatherer's Garden in Fontaine's Fisheries, Neptune's Bounty.
  • Wrench Lurker 2 - Gatherer's Garden in Olympus Heights onwards.

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Weapon Upgrades

Power to the People: Upgrade Stations




Note: Sander Cohen is required later in the game. When you first meet Cohen in Fort Frolic do not kill him when he comes down stairs to admire the masterpiece. If you kill him this early on you will cause yourself to miss one of the upgrade stations later in the game.


Neptunes bounty

1. This will be your first upgrade station, once you have completing everything for Peach Wilkins and progressed past him you will come to a point where you will get your weapons back. Head down the stairs in the freezer and you will see the upgrade station right in front of you.





1. On your way to find the next upgrade station you will find this one at the very entrance to the Farmers Market. it will be on your left hand side before you go down the stairs.




Farmers market

1. Once you enter the Farmers Market look for Worleys Winery. Enter the Winery and head to the left and follow the stairs down to the cellar. Once you are at the bottom you should notice a flooded area in front of you, the upgrade station is in the middle of this alcove.




Fort Forlic

1. Once you enter the Atrium head towards the back of the room under the stairs and you can follow the passage around to a cocktail bar (located in the Southern Mall). Keep going and you will soon find Le Marquis D'Epoque. Enter the store and head towards the back where you will find a set of stairs, follow them down and around to a bookcase with the upgrade station. You will need to fight a Houdini Splicer as soon as you use the station.




2. Enter Poseidon Plaza and head to the rear of the mall where you will find Sinclair Sprits. As soon as you enter go behind the counter and press a button to open the door located in the left hand corner of the room. Head to the back of the water filled room to find the upgrade station.





1. Head towards the Engineering core and go to the very bottom level. Follow the sign that says Heat Loss Monitoring and you will come to a set of stairs near the entrance to this room. Head up those stairs and you will find the upgrade station on your left.




2. Look for the sign to the workshops and enter the door once you find it, look to your left and you will find a set of stairs, go down the stairs and head towards Kyburz's office, watch out for all the bolt traps and you will find the upgrade station in the corner of the office.




Olympus heights

1. Once in Olympus Heights head towards Mercury Suites. Once you enter the main apartment section you will find an elevator as you enter the main apartment section. Look on the read side of the elevator to find the upgrade station under the stairs.




2. You will find this upgrade station through a door to your right from the central entrance to Mercury Suites. If you can't find the door it will say Sander Cohens apartment when you cover your corsshair over the door. Enter the door, as long as Cohen is still alive because you spared his life earlier in the game you will be able to access his private quarters. Deal with the splicers and Cohen will come down the stairs giving you access to the first floor. Look to your left once you enter the first floor to find the upgrade station.




Apollo square

1. Head towards Hestia Chambers, you will pass a bathysphere entrance and see a sign for "Fontaine's Center for the Poor" at the end of the metro rails. Head towards the sign and enter the door, you will soon see a sign which says "Little Sisters Orphanage". Head to the very top floor, once at the top go to your right and enter a door. Head downstairs and the upgrade station should be on the wall to your right.




Point Prometheus

1. Once you get to the main lobby where you can make your way to all the other sections you will notice a big daddy laying on the floor hunched over an open ledge/wall. The Upgrade station is behind him.




2. Head upstairs and look for a big sign which say Optimized Eugenics, once you find the sign enter and head towards the Gene Bank icon on the map. You will find the upgrade station on the left wall, if you haven't already been here before you will have to destroy two turrets.



Little Sister's


As you start out you will encounter a little sister soon enough. You will be given a choice to either harvest or save the sisters depending on how you want to play the game. If your going for any achievements I suggest you save every single sister as you could cause yourself issues later on through missing achievements.


There are 21 sisters to save or harvest, if you decide to harvest all the sisters you will earn yourself 3360 ADAM to use in the Gatherer's Garden for plasmids and tonics. Saving each sister will earn you 3080 but you will be rewarded with other tonics you can't earn through harvesting.


Welcome to Rapture: 0

You will first encounter a little sister in this part of the game but you can't harvest or save her.


Medical Pavilion: 2

The first little sister you come across in this level will not be protected by a Big Daddy. You will also be introduced to the Dr and be given the first choice to save or harvest.


Neptune's Bounty: 3

Sometimes you will come across an extra little sister in this level. It is known bug in the game, details are to follow:


Smuggler's Hideout: 0


Arcadia: 2


Farmer's Market: 1


Fort Frolic: 3

There is also a bug with Fort Frolic where you may find an extra little sister.


Hephaestus: 3


Olympus Heights: 2


Apollo Square: 2


Point Prometheus: 3


Proving Grounds: 0

You will be aided by a little sister in this level, you need to project her but you can't harvest of save her.


The End: 0

Your game decision will decide the fate of the ending, i'm not going to ruin the ending but you will see the little sisters again.

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Audio Diary's

Before you proceed you can use the following maps provided by Visual Walkthroughs to find each location if you are having trouble with the following explanations



Welcome to Rapture (2)


  1. * Diane McClintock, New Year's Eve Alone - On the table in the flooded area in the restaurant.
  2. * Steve Barker, Hole in the Bathroom Wall - On the far wall in the ladies' bathroom.

* You must collect these before you progress past the restaurant, if you go through the door when you see the little sister you won't be able to pick these up.


Medical Pavilion (17)


  1. Diane McClintock, Released Today - Medical Pavilion Foyer on the reception desk.
  2. Dr. Steinman, Adam's Changes - Emergency Access on the desk
  3. Dr. Steinman, Higher Standards - Medical Pavilion Foyer near the entrance on the wall.
  4. Andrew Ryan, Parasite Expectations - Medical Pavilion Foyer near surgery on desk.
  5. Bridgette Tenenbaum, Love for Science - Medical Pavilion Foyer near health station.
  6. Dr. Steinman, Limits of Imagination - Medical Pavilion Foyer left of the frozen door near Eternal Flame entrance.
  7. Andrew Ryan, Vandalism - Flooded alcove with vending machines
  8. Dr. Steinman, Surgery's Picasso - Eternal Flame entrance near the memorial.
  9. Bill McDonagh, Freezing Pipes - Medical Pavilion Foyer near the bottom of stairs.
  10. Dr. Suchong, Enrage Trial - Kure-All corner of main room
  11. Bridgette Tenenbaum, Useless Experiments - Dandy Dental floor near the entrance.
  12. Dr. Suchong, Plasmids are the Paint - Painless Dental desk in the corner.
  13. Dr. Suchong, Testing Telekinesis - Dandy Dental on the floor by the Gatherer's Garden.
  14. Dr. Steinman, Symmetry - Surgery Foyer wall by rubble pile.
  15. Dr. Steinman, Aphrodite Walking - Surgery desk in northern O.R.
  16. Dr. Steinman, Not What She Wanted - In the corpse on table which the doctor is tampering with. (Missable)
  17. Dr. Steinman, Gatherer Vunerability - Lounge on the floor by the Gather's Garden.


Neptune's Bounty (19)


  1. Sullivan, Timmy H. Interrogation - Lower Wharf in the water of the interrogation room
  2. Andrew Ryan, Fontaine Must Go - Lower Wharf crawl under the metal grating by the pipes after fighting the spider splicer
  3. Sullivan, Bathysphere Keys - Lower Wharf under south end of the boardwalk
  4. Bridgette Tenenbaum, Finding the Sea Slug - Upper Wharf table by the stairwell entrance
  5. Mariska Lutz, Masha Come Home - Upper Wharf from the lower wharf to the upper wharf, when you enter the upper, make a left and it's in the corner near corpse on wall
  6. Sullivan, Picked Up Timmy H. - Upper Wharf from the lower wharf to the upper wharf, when you enter the upper, make a left and it's in the corner near Little Sister in the corpse
  7. Andrew Ryan, Watch Fontaine - Upper Wharf next to the Circus of Values machine
  8. Sullivan, Have My Badge - Wharfmaster's Office on desk
  9. Bridgette Tenenbaum, Adam Discovery - Upper Wharf in crate below the wharfmaster's office
  10. Bill McDonagh, Eden Leaking - Upper Wharf hallway going towards Jet Postal
  11. Bridgette Tenenbaum, Fontaine's Smugglers - Walkway near Jet Postal on bench next to ashtray
  12. Andrew Ryan, Death Penalty in Rapture - Jet Postal desk by vending machine
  13. Sullivan, Smuggling Ring - Fighting McDonagh's center bar table
  14. Andrew Ryan, Working Late Again - Fighting McDonagh's window bar table
  15. Bill McDonagh, Arresting Fontaine - Fighting McDonagh's room #6 upstairs
  16. Mariska Lutz, Saw Masha Today - Fighting McDonagh's room #7 upstairs
  17. Bill McDonagh, Meeting Ryan - Fighting McDonagh's crawl through the water- filled ventilation shaft towards Gene Bank
  18. Bill McDonagh, Rapture Changing - Fighting McDonagh's desk in basement office
  19. Peach Wilkins, Putting the Screws On - Freezer Bottom Floor next to safe

Smuggler's Hideout (3)


  1. Peach Wilkins, Meeting With Fontaine - Storage Cave ground by crates
  2. Frank Fontaine, Kraut Scientist - Control Room Lower Floor in locked storage cave
  3. Peach Wilkins, Offered a Deal - Submarine Bay on dock towards Arcadia

Arcadia (17)


  1. Bill McDonagh, Seeing Ghosts - Tea Garden floor left of entrance
  2. Dieter Sonnekalb, Big Night Out - Tea Garden floor near ghost bench (Enter either "Arcadia Glens" door around the waterfall)
  3. Bridgette Tenenbaum, Mass Producing Adam - Tea Garden across the room from ghost bench (nears doors)
  4. Professor Julie Langford, Arcadia Closed - Tea Garden on table near Gene Bank
  5. Professor Julie Langford, The Saturnine - Lower Rolling Hills cave behind waterfall
  6. Mariska Lutz, Shouldn't Have Come - Lower Rolling Hills bench near stairs
  7. Andrew Ryan, The Market is Patient - Waterfall Grottos bench near U-Invent
  8. Professor Julie Langford, Early Tests Promising - Waterfall Grottos near water wheel
  9. Andrew Ryan, Offer a Better Product - Waterfall Grottos near water wheel
  10. Diane McClintock, Heroes and Criminals - Waterfall Grottos in locked machinery room
  11. Professor Julie Langford, What Won't They Steal - Research Laboratories near entrance
  12. Professor Julie Langford, Teaching an Old Hound - Research Laboratories table in second room
  13. Professor Julie Langford, Lazarus Vector Formula - Langford's Office in Julie's wall safe
  14. Professor Julie Langford, The Lazarus Vector - Langford's Office in Julie Langford's body
  15. Professor Julie Langford, Arcadia and Oxygen - Tree Farm near crate at entrance
  16. Bridgette Tenenbaum, Maternal Instinct - Tree Farm on the steps towards Farmer's Market
  17. Andrew Ryan, The Great Chain - Arcadia Metro Station, on bench to the right of entrance. (Can only be found after returning from the Farmer's Market.)

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Farmer's Market (8)


  1. Tasha Denu - Bee Enzyme - Farmers Market ground near pneumo tube
  2. Andrew Ryan - Pulling Together - Farmers Market on meat market counter
  3. Bridgette Tenenbaum - Hatred - Farmers Market lower storage room desk
  4. Andrew Ryan - Desperate Times - Farmers Market in freezer crawlspace
  5. Pierre Gobbi - Water in Wine - Farmers Market near winery sign
  6. Bridgette Tenenbaum - Functional Children - Winery on the back table
  7. Bridgette Tenenbaum - Adam Explained - Silverwing Apiary on entrance counter
  8. Andrew Ryan - First Encounter - Lower Farmer's Market storage room near pump room in front of Big Daddy corpse. (Shows up under "Neptune's Bounty/Smuggler's Hideout" in the game's audio diary list.)

Fort Frolic (15)


  1. Diane McClintock - Stood Up Again - Upper Atrium top of stairs near Fleet Hall's entrance
  2. Sander Cohen - Musical Insult - Projection Room (take stairs in Fleet Hall theater on NE side) near guitar at top of the stairs
  3. Sander Cohen - The Wild Bunny - Sophia Salon (Cocktail Lounge) in closet behind counter
  4. Sullivan - Artist's Feud - Cocktail Lounge on the bar
  5. Martin Finnegan - The Iceman Cometh - Frozen Tunnel left of entrance hall
  6. Bill McDonagh - Fontaine's Army - Sir-Prize (north of Eve's Garden) left of stairs in crate
  7. Sander Cohen - The Doubters - Cohen's Collection (Upper Atrium south room) downstairs table
  8. Cobb - Come to the Record Store - Southern Mall (Cocktail Lounge) on table outside of the restrooms next to the burning chairs
  9. Albert Milonakis - Fancy Cigarettes - Le Marquis D'Epogue (Cocktail Lounge) downstairs near corpse
  10. Jasmine Jolene - Pregnancy - Eve's Garden under bed behind stage
  11. Sullivan - Bump Culpepper? - Pharoah's Fortune (near Sir-Prize) on pool table upstairs
  12. Anna Culpepper - Ryan's Stableboy - Rapture Records behind entrance counter
  13. Bill McDonagh - Guns Blazing - Robertson's Tobaccoria (Eve's Garden) table near entrance
  14. Hector Rodriguez - It's All Grift - Eve's Garden on the bar
  15. Sander Cohen - Requiem for Andrew Ryan - Projection Booth (take stairs in Fleet Hall theater on NE side) on office table (must do Cohen's quest first)

Hephaestus (17)


  1. Bill McDonagh - Ryan Takes F Futuristics - A little bit outside Hephaestus Bathysphere station, search the crate near the 2nd circus of values vending machines.
  2. Kyburz - Scoping the Gate - It's outside Ryan's office, near a different circus of values.
  3. Bill McDonagh - Stopping Ryan - Ryan's office (the room with all the corpses pinned to the columns) search the first corpse on the right-hand side.
  4. Anya Andersdotter - Going to Heat Loss - Same room as the previous one, search the third corpse on the right-hand side.
  5. Andrew Ryan - A Man or a Parasite - Ryan's Office Hall, through door on the right of the room. The audio diary is on the desk right in front when you enter it.
  6. Bill McDonagh - Fontaine's Legacy - Hephaestus core, on the edge of the walkway, it's near the Vita-chamber.
  7. Anya Andersdotter - Assassin - Hephaestus core, this one's near the Gatherers Garden.
  8. Pablo Navarro - Kyburz Door Code - In the room 'Heat loss monitoring' on the floor in the corner.
  9. Bill McDonagh - Genetic Arms Race - Lower Heat loss monitoring, in the flooded area on the desk. However there is an electrical current running through the water which needs to be switched off by either hacking the control panel on the left wall or shooting the button behind the fan on the right wall.
  10. Pablo Navarro - Getting a Break - Lower Heat Loss monitoring, on the desk near the gene tonic.
  11. Andrew Ryan - Impossible Anywhere Else - On the very bottom walkway of Hephaestus core, on the desk.
  12. Pablo Navarro - Running Short on R-34s - Hephaetsus core, on the desk located outside the entrance to the 'workshops' area.
  13. Kyburz - Device Almost Finished - Lower workshops, on the desk opposite the base of the stairs that lead down to the lower workshops.
  14. Andrew Ryan - Great Chain Moves Slowly - Kyburz'z office, it's on the desk in the back of the room.
  15. Kyburz - The Dream - lower workshops, in the room with the crawlspace that leads to the secret room with the bomb, search the corpse in the center of the floor as you walk in.
  16. Kyburz - Assembling the Bomb - In the secret room with the bomb in the lower workshops, on the desk.
  17. Pablo Navarro - Market Maintenance Code - Well hidden. Lower workshops, there is a crawlspace left to the entrance of Kyburz's office which leads under the stairs where the diary is hidden.

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Rapture Central Control (3)


  1. * Dr. Suchong - The Vita Chamber - Control Room desk left of entrance next to Vita-Chamber
  2. * Dr. Suchong - Mind Control Test - Control Room (after crawlspace) on table beneath photos
  3. * Dr. Suchong - Baby Status - Control Room (after crawlspace) on table beneath photos

* You must collect these before you progress past this area as you will not be able to return later after you pass this section.


Olympus Heights (6)


  1. Dr. Suchong - Mozart of Genetics - Olympus Heights Bistro Square snack bar near bulkhead to Apollo Square
  2. Dr. Suchong - Fontaine's Human Jukebox - Suchong's Apt. 1st floor (west of main square) on floor in south room
  3. Dr. Suchong - Mind Control Antidote - Suchong's Apt. 1st floor (west of main square) on floor in southern most room
  4. Sullivan - Artist Woman - Culpepper's Apartment on corner table in room next to security camera (music sheets on floor)
  5. Paparazzi - Fontaine's Breakup - Mercury Suites go up the stairs in the main square to the 3rd floor, near U-Invent machine on the walkway (says elevator code is 5744)
  6. Frank Fontaine - Sad Saps - Olympus Heights, Mercury Suites, Fontaine's Apartment, as soon as you enter this apartment turn right and enter the archway, then turn right again and you will see a small table between 2 sofas. The Audio Diary is on the table.

Apollo Square (6)


  1. Diane McClintock - What's Happening Here? - Apollo Square on the ground near Circus of Values by Olympus Heights bulkhead
  2. Diane McClintock - Atlas Lives - Apollo Square near Gatherer's Garden
  3. Dr. Suchong - Protection Bond - Artemis Suites 2nd Floor (Suchong's office) West room where you obtain second dosage of lot 192
  4. Diane McClintock - Meeting Atlas - Hestia Chambers (Fontaine Home for the Poor) right of entrance inside steamer trunk
  5. Frank Fontaine - The Longest Con - Atlas' Headquarters (Hestia 4th floor) to get to 4th floor, head to 5th floor's room and go downstairs. On desk next to tonic
  6. Diane McClintock - Today's Raid - Atlas' Headquarters (Hestia 4th floor) to get to 4th floor, head to 5th floor's room and go downstairs. In corpse near the safe

Point Prometheus (9)


  1. Bridgette Tenenbaum - Why Just Girls? - Little Wonders Atrium Balcony (Little Wonders) on desk in second floor of orphanage
  2. Andrew Ryan - Marketing Gold - Optimized Eugenics Test Subject Storage on machine in right part of room near water
  3. Dr. Suchong - Extra Munitions - Optimized Eugenics Plasmid Prototyping NE most room, on the ground near RPG turret (says Protector Lab code is 1921)
  4. Dr. Suchong - Protecting Little Ones - Failsafe Armored Escorts Suit Assembly Upper Floor on filing cabinet in SE room
  5. Andrew Ryan - Mistakes - Failsafe Armored Escorts Suit Assembly Upper Floor next to Gene Bank
  6. Dr. Suchong - Protector Smell - Failsafe Armored Escorts Suit Assembly Upper Floor near computer by center pillar in SW room
  7. Dr. Suchong - Missing Boots - Failsafe Armored Escorts Candidate Conversion Area on desk in back of room
  8. Dr. Suchong - Cheap Son of a Bitch - Failsafe Armored Escorts in the southern-most room on the map, next to Circus of Values machine
  9. Dr. Suchong - Changing Employers - Main Hall 2nd Floor (in-between Atrium Balcony and Optimized Eugenics at Circus of Values machine) across from Circus of Values: melt the ice, enter the closet and search the trash can

Congratulations, by the time you get to the end of this guide you will have earned yourself all the collectible achievements in the game.

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I think this game is glitched, i DID NOT save any of the sisters and i got the tonic collecter award

i found every little sister(+1) and harvested them all

iv seen over guides saying u need to save them to get it

any1 else get this


The tonics from the DLC count toward this achievement so you do not have to save the Little Sisters to get the achievement

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Great guide and looks good to me also I went to other website as the link provided to show the map with audiotape and etc. I was worried the "First Encloser" in Farmer's Market was missing after I picked the audiotape up and I go back to check the guide on this board, ah i got it whew it's was goes into "Neptune's Bounty/Smuggler's Hideout" into the list then I checked in list of Neptune's Bounty/Smuggler's Hideout", Yep I found "First Encloser" on the list.


:) ciao!



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