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Achievement Translation/Guide


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I'll separate these by the part of the game they are in relation to (since this is a compilation)


EXZEAL Achievements:

Pick up a bomb in EXZEAL

Clear the game with UNIT 1

Clear the game with UNIT 2

Clear the game with UNIT 3

Clear the game with UNIT 3-e (wait until the timer says 3 seconds exactly then select UNIT 3)

Clear the game with UNIT 4


EXZEAL Bonus Achievements:

UFO (Stage 1, push the shoot button exactly 12 or 24 times before you go through the first set of clouds, then the UFO will follow you and eventually go off the screen)

3-headed Dragon (Stage 2, right after the big snake/fish looking ships, it'll appear on the right side of the screen)

Robo on the Block (Stage 3, in the first set of blocks towards the left, one of them has the Triangle Service mascot/robot thing sitting on it, just shoot that block all the way through to the end of the block maze, and you get an achievement)

Blue Block (Stage 3, shoot the big Blue Block on the 2nd set of blocks all the way through the block maze for the achievement)

Unit A-1 (Stage 4, shoot the big hand in one of the big rock mazes to free the A-1 ship)

Tomato Ship (Stage 5, in the big asteroid field, a weird-shaped red ship will fly by, just make sure it doesn't get hit by meteors)

Salute Robo (Stage 6, first part you see the flame throwers, shoot the enemies on the left side of the screen then go forward a bit on the right side until you see the robo sitting on the ruins. Once you're about paralell to him, push pause then unpause and he'll salute you)

Trizeal Achievements:

Clear the game

Break Out 1 (Kill all the ships in the part where it says BREAK OUT on the screen, first one is in Stage 1)

Break Out 2 (Stage 4's BREAK OUT section with big long ships.)

Trizeal Bonus Achievements:

Trizeal UFO (Stage 1, Use the transform button 12 or 24 times exactly before going through the clouds)

Red Sports Car (Stage 2, circle around the pillars at the beginning of the stage a few times, It'll float by)

White Bird (Stage 2, you come up upon a little pillar thing in the middle of the screen before you get to the dual tower/tank part, just keep your ship right on top of the pillar for a few seconds, then you'll see it pop up)

Lifting Rock (Stage 2, At the dual tower part, destroy one of them and the robot will throw a rock at you, just put your ship under the rock to bounce it back up in the air. Bounce 4 times to win)

Flying Blue Turtle (Stage 3, this is complicated. You have to collect every extra bomb possible in stages 1-3 without dying and without using even 1 bomb. Once you get 5 bombs in your bomb stock, you'll be flying with the little helper ships, a blue turtle thing will fly by. Bomb locations are Break Out in Stage 1, White Bird in Stage 2, Destroy all artillery cannons in Stage 3.)

Space Shuttle (Stage 4, in the asteroid field, there's a space shuttle on the right side, shoot it to launch the shuttle)

Yellow Train (Stage 5, destroy the little train you see when you're flying down into the tunnels with a bomb)

GET'S (Stage 6, when you encounter the first boss guy (Tri Dyn) don't shoot him, just keep pausing the game and he'll eventually throw an extra bomb at you.)

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Shmup Skills Test Achievements:

You're An Idiot (Fail the falling asteroid field game quickly)

Master Avoider (In the game where you're supposed to collect the falling emblems falling all over the screen, don't collect any and you'll get this)

End (Fail the Nice Bomb game by either not collecting the falling bomb or dying before you set it off)

Young Man (Get an age ranking in full skills test mode that is below 20 years old)

Complete (Complete the Type-2 minigame where you come upon a huge field of tanks that all shoot you at once.)

Nice Bomb (Get a really good score on the first stage of the Nice Bomb game that has only 1 enemy, the 2nd stage with multiple enemies doesn't count)

Delayed the Bomb (Fail the space shuttle game where you shoot the C4 off of it)


Level 99 Achievements: For getting to Level 99 in all of the different skill tests. Once you've unlocked them all, you can choose which ones you play.


Pass Through (Big Walker Machine in the tunnel)

Bomb Disposal (Save the space shuttle)

Bullet Bullet Bullet A (Just a boss that shoots bullets at you, 2 versions)

Bullet Bullet Bullet B

No Escape (The level where the big steel squares come flying at you)

Great! (Meteor shower falling to Earth)

8-Bit (Finish the 8-Bit level)

Sphere Avoiding (Avoiding the big red spheres)

Building Avoiding (The one where you avoid the buildings for a while)

Tank A (Finish the Tank Rush A and B levels.)

Tank B

Rare Game (Encounter the Quiz game. This is a very rare type-B game, it only appears randomly, maybe once out of every 200 times you play the shmup skills test.)


These 2 are master achievements but must be done in challenge mode, not regular skill test mode:


Cheers! (Get the cans in the garbage can game, challenge mode only)

Item Collecting (Collect the Items game with the Red, Green, and Blue orbs, challenge mode only)


Minus Zero (-0) Achievement:

Minus Zero Highest Level (Involves getting to level 5 in Minus Zero. I haven't done it yet, so no more details yet.)

General Game Achievements:

Shooting Love! (Push GAME PLAY on the Main Menu)

Rotation Love (Go to Options and rotate the screen 90 degrees then start a game in EXZEAL or TRIZEAL)

BGM Love (Set the Music Volume to 100 and sound effects to 0 then start a game)

Long Silence (Don't play the game for 7 days then come back to it, go to the main menu of choices, it will unlock)

All Game Types (Just unlock all the different mini-games for the main menu including Challenge modes)


That's about it, I hope this helps, it took a hell of a long time for me to translate everything and get the details of each one down.

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How can you kill that pink looking boss thing on 1 of the challenges? Your shooting at it then it gets surrounded by like metal plates then flys away! I got it down to about a quarter health once.

You can't shoot it until it flashes red, then you start shooting. There's no achievement for this minigame, though.

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Nice guide so far.


OMG - getting Young Man is very very hard. I got age 19 in the 4 player game (playing single) easily. But no cheevo. So you have to get it in the original mode. I hat 25 with a score of 130k. Then I hat a good game with 210k and I was very confident that I'm a lot younger. As a matter of fact I was 24. Concerning to the leaderboards you need at least 300k.


Also I need more info about:


Ufo in Exzeal. Nothing happens (Trizeal was no problem).


Robo On The Block - do you mean the 1st blue block? I can't see another special block.

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Concerning the UFO it has to be the rapid fire button that must be pressed 12 or 24 times (you may have to set rapid fire in the option menu). I got the robot now but I still haven't seen it. However, he is sitting on a random block in the third row - just try to shoot the whole row forward. After 5 seconds it should have popped. Age 23 now with a slighty lower score - so I guess it does not depend on the score - you probably have to be good in every game so if you got Level 15 in one game and level 95 in another 55 in each would have been better.

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I think score does play a large part in the age though, I got age of 22 for about 250ish k, then did better with 268 k or something and got 21 ... then got just over 290 k and got age of 20.

I'm hopeful getting over 300 k will get me 19 and the achievement :)

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Thanks for the translation and the tips, great help so far.

Although I have no idea on how to do the can collector achievement...

I´ve seen around you have to put 100 cans in under 10 minutes...

This is nearly impossible...

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For the Minus Zero achievement, you have to reach the part in Level 5 where the music changes. To be honest, I reach this part many times and the achievement didn't unlocked. However, during one of my attempt, I reach Level 5 and had to go eat so I put the game on pause. It seems that the achievement have unlocked during this time.


For the Young man achievement, you need to get a gamer age of 19 or below. I got a score of 403K and still had 20. It's the average level rating for the 4 major shmup skill test that count. I finally reach an age of 19 after getting Level 100 on the 8bit game, 100 on the bullet evasion, 75 on the balls evasion and 100 on the asteroids. The score doesn't really matter, aim for the best level.

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This guide/roadmap has been copied over to the Greenbook. This means that it is unfinished/unready to be published, and anybody is welcome to sign up to finish it off!

Each guide will have a brief paragraph describing what is needed to get it done and published.


If you can, please help us get this guide published to the site, and get your name eternally imprinted on the site!


If you are the OP, this doesn't mean you can't finish it off on your own, do that and we will remove it from the Greenbook :)


More information on Greenbook practices can be found in the Greenbook FAQ, here.

Sign up here! Now!

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