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Predator Challenge Rooms Guide


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I'm enjoying rounding up the Predator Challenge Rooms, and thought I might post about them. I'm doing them in reverse order so I don't have strategies for all of them yet, but here's my current guide:

General Strategy/Info

The Predator challenge rooms are unlocked by picking up certain collectibles in the Story Mode. There are 3 achievements associated with these Challenge Rooms, and they are also necessary if you wish to 100% the game. In each Predator room, you spawn in a modified version of a section from the story mode, with a bunch of gun-toting enemies who patrol in regular, consistent patterns. There is a clock running until you defeat all the enemies. For achievements, the clock does not matter, its purely for the Leaderboards. Each Challenge Room has three medal challenges, which must be done during the same playthrough. This means you cannot simply do one challenge, finish the room, and restart it to get the others, you must do all three in a single run to get a "Gold" rating on that room. There are a total of 8 rooms, for a total of 24 possible medals. There are actually only 4 rooms, with regular and "Extreme" versions. The "Extreme" versions have the gargoyles booby trapped with proximity explosives, which prevents you from using the gargoyles to hang or get the drop on enemies. It pretty much forces you to run around on the ground and sneakily avoid the enemy's eye-lines, much like Metal Gear Solid. Also the "Extreme" challenges are much tougher. I recommend not doing the Challenges until you have beat Story Mode, since many of them require specific upgrades.


#1-Silent Knight

Location: Medical wing.

Enemies: 6

My best gold time: 1:23.34

Unsurprisingly this level is very easy to Gold, since the challenges are all normal stuff.


Silence Is Golden: "Sneak up behind a henchman and perform a Silent Takedown."

Blast Zone: "Explode a weak wall into a henchman to knock him out."

Mind Your Head: "Knock down a henchman with a Batrang and then take him down."


#2-Record Breaker

Location: Arkham Records Room (from the Mansion)

Enemies: 6

My best gold time: ----- (I haven't done it yet)


Fall Guy: "Batclaw a henchman and pull him off a walkway to take him down."

Over The Ledge: "While hanging from a ledge, grab a henchman and pull him off the ledge."

Round The Bend: "Use Corner Cover to hide and then take down an approaching henchman."


#3-Survival Tactics

Location: can't remember the name right now :(

Enemies: 6

My best gold time: ----- (I haven't done it yet)


Smash Landing: "Smash through a glass ceiling onto a henchman below to take him down."

Hang Time: "Perform an Inverted Takedown from a vantage point (Upgrade required)."

Break Your Fall: "Drop down on top of a henchman and then knock him out on the ground."


#4-Invisible Predator

Location: Pump control room.

Enemies: 8

My best gold time: 1:50.48


I've been unable to come up with a strategy that consistently does the same thing every time. The trickiest medal is Three For Three.


Watch Your Step: "Spray the Explosive Gel on the floor to stun a patrolling henchman. (Auto Proximity Detonation required)" If you plant Gel on the ground and then lure a guy to it using a Sonic Batrang it WILL NOT COUNT. It must be where a guard walks as part of his patrol. I usually plant explosives on the set of stairs immediately in front of you when you start. If you plant them about halfway down the stairs a guy will walk down, hit the explosives, and fall down the stairs and usually die.


Crowd Control: "Take down 3 henchmen at once with one wall using Explosive Gel."

There are several ways to get this that I found but they all revolve around the wall at the foot of the stairs I was just describing. Since it has grates nearby, there are a few different ways you can cause guys to flock to one side or the other. One time I accidentally killed ALL the enemies when I blew this wall. If you let one of the guards see you they will go nuts and send everyone after you. You can also just get someone to die right near the wall which will cause a bunch of guys to come investigate. Its tricky.


Grate Moves: "Jump out of a floor grate and take down a henchman." This one is very simple. You need to be inside a grate. When a guy is walking by, press A to pop out. If you did it right then you should see a "press Y for Takedown" prompt on screen. Press Y at this point for your medal.


#5-Silent Knight (Extreme)

Location: Medical wing.

Enemies: 6

My best gold time: ----- (I haven't done it yet)


Three For Three: "Take down 3 henchmen with 3 different walls at once using Explosive Gel." This at first seemed impossible, but its not too hard once you know how.

-***You will need the Sonic Batrang upgrade for this strategy***

-***Thanks to Sydanc1an for this strategy, he figured this out, I just did the write-up.

-From the start point, Activate Detective Mode (of course)

-turn around and open the grating behind you. I was inside at about the 12 second mark.

-Move through the hidden passageways to a room with a destructible wall (the wall will be on your right).

-Apply explosive gel to that wall.

-Back track to the start point. I was coming out of the grate at about the 38 second mark.

-go forward out from under the start point and hang a right. You should see a ladder on your right, climb that to get up to the second story unseen. I hit the top at about the 50 second mark.

-In front of you is a room with two windows. Grapple up to the roof of this room. Apply explosive gel to the roof of this room.

-Proceed forward and you will see the elevator doors below you and on your left.

-There are guards covering the ground in front of you, so to speed things up pull out the Line Launcher and use that to proceed to the room in the corner in front of you (with no ceiling). I dropped into this room right about the 1 minute mark.

-There should be a destructible wall to your right, gel it.

-Now comes the slightly tricky part. You need to cross to the opposite side of the room.

-Grappel up on top of the wall you just gelled. You should be able to use the Line Launcher to cross to the other side of the room. I went really close to some guards, but they didn't see me, so don't be afraid :)

-turn a 180 and switch to the Explosive Gel to get your bearings. You should see the gel you planted on the first floor from where you are.

-Switch to the Sonic Batrang and toss one of those as close to the lower exploding gel as possible. Now switch back to the Explosive Gel.

-One of the guards should notice the sound and come running. Once he's in the room, hit RB to blow all three gels. The two second-floor gels SHOULD have guards in position at this time, and poof, there's your medal.


Break Through: "Line Launch through a window into a henchman on the other side."

Aerial Assault: "Glide kick a henchman and then knock him out on the ground."

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#6-Record Breaker (Extreme)

Location: Arkham Records Room (from the Mansion)

Enemies: 6

My best gold time: 4:49.75

Chain Reaction: "Kick 2 henchmen in one move using the Line Launcher." I did this one immediately after doing Three In A Row, since you have a bunch of guys in a line. I just stood there holding L with the Line Launcher equipped and then fired as soon as I had two guys standing in front of me.


Three In A Row: "Knock down 3 henchmen with one Remote Control Batrang (Upgrade required)." This is the hardest one in this room. The Remote Control Batrang's controls aren't super good, and it doesn't corner very well, so in the confined level you're in, you literally do not have enough room to pull a horizontal 180 degree turn. You CAN pull a vertical loop if you need to, which means you could probably do an Immelmann, but my strategy doesn't require this. How I did it:

-As soon as you start activate Detective Mode.

-you should almost immediately see the "You can hit RB to grappel to this point" on your left. Walk forward until that indicator stops moving and then grappel up to the railing on your left.

-You are now hanging off of the side of the walkway on the left from where you start. There's a column on your right preventing you from moving further right. There should be a guard on the walkway to your right as well, coming towards you.

-at the 22 second mark, the guard is immediately in front of you and you will see the prompt "press Y for railing takedown". Do this and then immediately hit A to climb up onto the walkway

-Now quickly go back to the left and turn the corner so you're basically above and behind the start point of the level.

-You should now be able to look down and see the guy you just took out laying on the ground. Thanks to detective mode, you should be able to see that like 4 guards come running over.

-The timing and flying took me a lot of practice, but you should be presented with 3 guys all in a line if you time it just right, so it should be easy to just fly the Batrang through all three of them. Poof, there's your medal.

-At this point I jumped down and armed the Line Launcher and then waited for the guys to get up, which netted me the second medal. Note: You WILL get shot using this method. I didn't care about it but you might.


Sonic Boom: "Use the Sonic Shock Batrang to pacify a henchman (Upgrade Required)." This one is the easiest but you need to be careful because if you detonate the Batrang and miss, you cannot try again and will have to re-do the entire level (and yes I have had this happen after finally getting the stupid Three In A Row medal, which sucks).


#7-Survival Tactics (Extreme)

Location: can't remember the name right now :(

Enemies: 6

My best gold time: 4:45.15


The Magic Number: "Use the Triple Batrang to knock down 3 henchmen with one throw. (Upgrade Required)" This is actually fairly easy, its the first thing I did on this level, since there are a bunch of guys right in your line of sight. The guy in the middle across from you is the only iffy one, since sometimes your batrang will hit the railing instead of the guy.

Kick Off:"Use the Line Launcher to kick a henchman off an edge and knock him out." I pretty much just sneaked up behind one of the guys on the raised side walkways and then fired the Line Launcher right before he hits the stairs. I found that to be the easiest / fastest way.

Hit And Run: "Punch an armed henchman." Seriously stupid, but this is simply hitting an enemy by pressing X. You can do this as part of a combo when taking a guy down, so just save this for last.


#8-Invisble Predator (Extreme)

Location: Pump control room

Enemies: 8

My best gold time: 4:25.48


Two For The Price Of One: "Using the Ultra Batclaw, pull the floor out from under 2 henchmen." This is pretty easy because there is a large destructible floor with two guys who just stand there, so all you have to do is sneak to their location and then pull the floor down. This room is located on the far back right-hand side of the level (if you're looking into the room from your starting point).


Shock Tactics: "Appear out of nowhere and surprise a terrified henchman." This is the easiest of the three. You will probably just want to do this on the last guy you defeat. The important detail is he must be in a "Terrified" emotional state, so use Detective Mode to examine him and check. If he's not Terrified, simply mess with him until he is. I just kept sneaking up, knocking him down with Batrangs, and then leaving so he never even saw what knocked him down. Once you have the guy terrified, simply sneak behind him and then reveal yourself by walking into his eye-line.


Tug Of War: "Use the Ultra Batclaw to pull 3 henchmen off a walkway at once, taking them all out." This is by far the most annoying challenge in this room. I recommend doing this first. What I ended up doing to get into the room full of guys was this:

-Immediately activate Detective Mode so you can see what's going on with the nearby guards.

-The guard on your left will turn around and then turn back. Its safe to proceed when the clock reads 11 seconds.

-Sneak-walk out and follow the guard who's in front of you. You should see a grate on the wall directly in front of you.

-Go to the grate and open it. You will probably arrive at the grate at the 20 second mark or so.

-Go through the vents, past the room with the destructible walls, and all the way to the "exit" for this hidden area.

-Pop open the grate blocking your exit. In my runthroughs I get it open at about the 46-second mark.

-Double back to the "room" in the middle of the hidden vents and use the Ultra Batclaw to pull the wall looking into the main room down. In my test runthrough it comes down at the 1 minute mark.

-immediately go back to the grating you just opened and get out onto that walk way, and stay ducked. I made it into position at around 1:10

-At 1:14 I heard one of the guards go "Over here! OMG the wall is gone?!? WTF?!?", which causes all the guards to move and cluster. The timing on this part is a bit inconsistent but what happens next isn't.

-Sit tight up in your hiding spot until the guy who is on the lower level finally walks out of the way (happened for me around 1:24, like 7 or 8 seconds later)

-At this point drop down to the floor, enable your Ultra Batclaw, aim at the upper level with the L trigger held, and wait for the three guys to start coming back towards you. Should be like shooting fish in a barrel.

-At this point you probably want to sneak back through the ducts to get to the far side of the level so you can get the Two For The Price Of One challenge medal, but you just took out three of the most annoyingly positioned guys and opened up one of the hidden ways to travel so it should be easy from here...

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I didn't really have any problems with that challenge. You should use the room on the second floor with the two big windows in it, the one whose ceiling you destroy. Grappel to the top of it, plant a Sonic Batrang inside and wait for a dude to come running. Once he's inside the room, jump down, equip your Line Launcher and get right in the middle of one of the windows. When the guy walks into your targeting reticule, launch :)

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It dosen´t work. Was this a guess from your side or can you confirm it?


The windows that you use are on the upper floor next to the elevator room (it's the room with the destructible ceiling. If you're using the strategy for the "Three for Three" it's the room where you put the 2nd Gel charge at.


Just throw a sonic batarang in the room and when the guy goes in the room jump down on the out side of the room and line launch through one of the two windows.

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For the window, you can also go through it from the inside of that room, which i found easier. grapple or walk to the inside of the room with a guy patroling the catwalk outside, duck against the wall with the window that you want to shoot out, wait for the guy to be just on the other side and boom... tough actin tinactin. works from both sides, and without a sonic batarang if you already used it for something.

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having trouble with #2

not sure how to do round the bend, anyone with tips?


nevermind, finnaly got it.

Well, assume *some* of us haven't figured it out yet. Care to elaborate? They seem to see me, errr, *someone* as the approach the corner every time.


EDIT: Guess all I had to do was ask. For anyone else looking for advice on corner take downs, take the ones that are around the sides of the bookcase so they can't see you as the come around the corners. This is different then the head on or very narrow corner I was taking before. Happy hunting.

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Sonic Boom: "Use the Sonic Shock Batrang to pacify a henchman (Upgrade Required)." This one is the easiest but you need to be careful because if you detonate the Batrang and miss, you cannot try again and will have to re-do the entire level (and yes I have had this happen after finally getting the stupid Three In A Row medal, which sucks).


I got on top of the files in front of me as soon as the level started and hit the guy coming towards me on the walkway to the left with the Sonic Shock Batarang completing this challenge, then when the other guys came and investigated, I threw the Remote control batarang away from them and circled it back to hit the three guys in a row in the back of the head for the "Three in a Row" challenge.


How do you break through the glass by dropping down on it?


Stand on the glass and when someone walks underneath, hit Y to takedown the guy.


I've been unable to do the "Break Your Fall" one. Whenever I try and drop down onto them, I always end up 'sliding' off to one side or the other. Any hints?


Just hang from a ledge and drop (or walk off a platform) onto a guy and when he's on the ground, Hit RT+Y to do a ground takedown

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Ok, silly question: In Record Breaker Extreme - How do you pull off a Sonic Boom? The other two in that room I'm certain I can get given a few tries, and this is the last room I need for the full 24.



Just hit a henchman dead on with the sonic batarang. The upgrade is required.

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As per Three for Three on Silent Knight Extreme: Based on the description given, even beating the times listed, I couldn't get all three guys to be standing next to the explosive walls at the same time. The real problem was the guy in the room that you put the detonator gel on the ceiling, because just after the one minute mark he walks out.


The solution I came up with follows this guide exactly, until you plant your third wall charge. You grapple up the top of that wall and then you're supposed to Line Launch across the room. BEFORE you line launch, turn to look into the room with the explosive ceiling and quickly batarang that guy. No one will notice and it will buy you the extra few seconds you need. Follow the rest of the guide as written.

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