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The 'Im Stuck' Thread


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I'm stuck in the Main Hall of Arkham Mansion where there is a group of about 10 enemies that you can't separate. I am playing on hard mode for my first playthrough, so I assume part of the difficulty is there, but I cannot incapacitate more than half of the guys. I can always get one guy immediately by glide kicking and then doing a finishing move, but I'm having a hard time of getting a high combo score without getting hit. I've tried setting up the exploding gel to knock some guys down.


I've watched a couple videos online, and the guys always rack up these big combos, but I can't get more than 3 or 4. Is there a trick to it?


Whenever I get a guy on the floor and try to finish him off, I'm always attacked by another guy and it doesn't give me time to counter.


Basically...how do you keep your combo meter running while fighting a large amount of guys when the counter seems to reset it?

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You need to alter your fighting tactics. When you have a large group, using ground takedown will only get you hit and break your combo chain. The key to large groups is to get your combo meter up so you can use some of the special moves, like a special takedown. These moves do not break your combo but they also stop the other thugs in the group from attacking you until the takedown is complete. A typical fight would go something like - start with X,X, watch for a counter, and use Y when indicate, "aim" your right stick towards the next guy you want to strike, until you get to 5 (or 8 if special at 5 is not unlocked yet), then special takedown, then while the takedown animation is playing, rotate the right stick to line up the next guy or at least get an idea of where the next guy is. Then when you finish the special takedown, either strike or counter.


Another useful tactic is to use A,A to jump over the nearest guy, then X to strike him, keep doing this until your combo is high enough for another special move.


If you are fighting guys with shields, guns, stun batons (can't remember if these are all in Asylum or added later to City) then target them with the special takedown.


The key to the whole game is fluidly moving from one guy to the next, without using the ground takedown until you have only one or two left, or they are far enough away/stunned that they won't get to you before finishing the move. You can also use cape stun on a guy, then jump over him, strike/counter, cape stun, I'd avoid using LT+Y unless most are far away...

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