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Batman: Arkham Asylum Help Thread - PLEASE READ FIRST!!


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This thread is just to organise up this forum a bit more, as lots of people are asking the same questions over and over...so the answers will appear here.


If you have anything that should be added to this, let me know.


Achievement Guide


Riddlers Secret Map Locations


Riddler Challenges:


Medical Facility

Arkham West

Arkham Mansion

Botanical Gardens

Arkham East

Intensive Treatment


Arkham North

The Final Riddle

Predator Challenge Room Guide


Help with Joker Teeth


I'm Stuck Thread


Combat Pointers


Useful External Links:


IGN Game Guide

GamesRadar Riddler Guide


Thanks to all the people that have contributed to the individual threads- please thank them in the threads/PMs - all I'm doing is collecting all the info in one place :)

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Might want to add the link to the thread where the guy put the picture of the location of the Final Riddle - Spirit of Arkham. I noticed multiple threads in here the last few days asking about the location. This thread is the best one I have seen (it is literally idiot proof :p ). Although he needs to note in his post you have to scan it after you gather all the Riddles and you should have 1 Chronicle of Arkham left just in case somebody does not know the requirements for the achievement.




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I've found all but one of the arkham deciphered messages and the last one tells me to come and find him. Does anyone know who he is or where I find him?


Edit: nevermind I've found it. Minty's post for the encylapedia should be a stickies thread on it's own.

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i have one question about the riddles......so lets say i finish the game on easy and find 40 riddles.....when i start a new game on hard, those 40 riddles are still found and only need the other 200, or i need to find the whole 240 again for the achievement......

i need to know if its like in gears of war with those things

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Houston, we have a problem....B.I.G. problem.


Last night I try to beat one combat challenge. After few matches i decide to go to sleep.

Next day I load the game e my save is corrupted. T_T NOOOOOO!!!!111!!

I want to know if there's a guide for collectible to unlock every challenge rooms.

I play at easy but i won't to spend time to find it all.

Someone can help me?


Sorry for my english ^^'

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i can't remember the room but there's one part where you have to cut the power to the electrical lines and sever the ropes to save these two guys and then have to quickly evacuate the room before it fills with gas. can you get back in there eventually cause i realized theres collectibles in there...

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