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are achievements hard?


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I have 185/200 in this game and I'm missing only Speed Freak which is the most difficult and will take some effort. If you have trouble with any the guide and several topics on the board are very helpful.


In terms of overall difficulty I've played about 90 arcade games and would rate Bankshot just about the middle...many easier and many harder.

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Speed Freak is hard and there's not much useful information out there to help with it either (Which is stupid, people have videos up for the trickshots on YouTube for instance which is completely unnecessary when the game itself has the option of demonstrating it for you... I would think video guides for the time trials would be the most helpful).


I've given up on it with 30 seconds or so left needing to be found. Some good tips in a thread here (although some of them are completely useless).

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