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CrustyDirtDemon blazes to 200K!!!

xxXI Dave IXxx

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It is with great pleasure, that I can now say the world's most notorious squid hater has joined the 200k club!!! It's been quite amazing to watch you work torwards this mark Crusty. You have blown through gamerscore at an amazing pace, letting nothing or nobody slow you down. Better yet, no matter how deep into a game you are or what you are up to, you are always available to assist the rest of us without hesitation. For that, I am very grateful as I'm sure many others are as well. There have been a few haters along the road, but I personally like the haters. They provide great motivation, and occasionally some good stuff to talk about over a party. I dont expect the 300k mark to be to long off in the future, and hope to join you here soon. You are a stand up guy and a pleasure to know. You are also the only person I ever knew that made it cool to ride on a short bus. :p Thanks for all the help, and congrats again on a beasty job well done!!!!!


Remember kids:


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Thank you very much, to all...Special thanx to "Dave" for starting the thread, it is very much appreciated. I have busted my ass to hit the 200K mark in a little under a year and 9 months. I would like to thank all who are on my Friends List, and also thank those not on my friends list who have helped me reach this milestone...Thank You...

Special Thanx, to xXGambit69Xx, xxXI Dave IXxx, xRogue 5x, CAPP360, xxGODZ SNIPERxx, lVlr Nice Guyy"Aegis Wing MAD MAN", Frostbite, hellboundsoul, upcountrytripod, Scooty Pantz, ponypo2001 "leisure suit larry BRILANCE", Rand al Thor, Vader XXX, Alfman1 "worlds best Guitar Hero Achievement whore", The Killer 47, Grizzlegrom, Keeler106, and to all who are also on the friends list but not mentioned, please know that I appreciate all your help you have given over the last 200K.

Holla fellow squid hatters, "lol", thanks for starting that “Majin” lol…

Most memorable game between 100K and 200K, would have to be the 1K process involved in Red Faction…Damn those Transporter Pro times sucked at times…

200K, w/ 129 Retails, 9 Arcade, 75% Completion...

Thank you all once again...

...and on to 300K we go...

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Crusty first off congrats on the milestone. I remember when I first met you while playing Infinite Undiscovery and man have you beasted out the games since then. It has been a pleasure gaming with you although as of late it hasn't been very much. I know you will get to 300K fairly quickly since you beast out games unlike anyone I have ever seen.

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Congrats on the big milestone sir! About time you got here slacker.


Here is a video that explains how I think about your accomplishment.


You slapped your way there...nay...chopped....nope thats not it either....perhaps...yes


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWRyj5cHIQA]YouTube - DJ Steve Porter featuring Vince Offer - "Slap Chop Rap"[/ame]


Anyway, its been cool hanging with and gaming with you. Keep up the good work.

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