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Wolverine Dog Tag Collectibles Guide


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X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Dog Tag Collectibles



All images are primary captures and may not be used without permission.


You will earn the following achievements while following this guide:


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/928/-qBMSQ==.jpg Astonishing 20 :gsicon:

Found 1/2 of all Dog Tags in the game


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/928/-IFF-A==.jpg Devil's Brigade 30 :gsicon:

Found all Dog Tags in the game


Chapter 1: Origins




1. As you start, take out the guys in the first area and progress through the gate and up the hill. You will come to a waterfall, look behind the waterfall to find a body and the dog tag.




2. Enter the temple and fight the Machete Champion. Once you beat him and take out the rest of the guards, if you look to the right hand side of the room you will see a doorway with a dead body. Approach and collect the dog tag from his body.




3. Carry on your path until you come to a zip-line. Once you get to the bottom, turn around and head up the hill to the top. You will need to find a few soldiers before you reach the top. Once at the top you will find the dog tags on a body which is between the crates on you left hand side.




4. Progress on again until you go through a second gate, you will be prompted to climb a wall to access the next area. Once you have dealt with all the soldiers look for a boarded up doorway. Smash through the doorway and walk into the secret area but look to your left and you will find the body with dog tags. You will also obtain your hatched achievement Found! in this area as well.




5. Exit the boarded up "secret area" and head up the wall and over the gate to the next pathway and take out the soldier. Before you progress, turn around and look at the gate behind you to find the dead soldier with dog tags.




6. You will soon find your crashed chopper which will be surrounded by soldiers. You need to progress onto the next area of the level which involves fighting lots of enemies. To get into this area you need to use the crank to open the door, you will also be shown how to dodge while running to get under fast closing gates. Clear the area and climb the rope on the left hand side. Before you jump over to the next platform on your right, look over to the platform on your left. You will find a dead soldier against the wall.




7. Just after the previous dog tag you will make you way into another area that you drop down into. The dead soldier is sat up against the door to your right as you drop down.




8. Continue down your path from the previous one. You will need to make a lunge across a huge gap to a soldier on the other side. Keep following the path until you come to another open area where you will fight a Machete Champion. Just after this area you will find a set of stairs and the dead soldier located on the left side in front of you.




9. Before you can collect this one you will need to defeat the leviathan. Once you have killed it and taken out the two enemies which come rushing out of a secret passage head to the opposite corner they came from and push the statue. Use feral vision to find the location if you're having issues, you will find the dead soldier inside.




10. Climb up the vines on the opposite side to reach the balcony. If you still have feral vision on you will see a breakable wall as soon as you land. You can't miss it as it's covered in Mayan images. Break the wall and follow the pathway to find the soldiers body.





Stryker's Office


1. Once you have awakened and started to fight all the soldiers look to the right side of the room, you will find body freezers on the wall and a dead soldier on the floor across from a washing table.




2. You will soon fight with the Elite Commandos. Once you have beaten them and progressed up the lift you will enter a hallway. Before you carry on down the hallway enter to the room on your left hand side and collect the dog tags from the dead soldier.




3. As you fight your way through the soldiers you will come to a room which fills with smoke. Shortly after this you will enter a hallway which leads to a room that attaches to many other rooms. To your right hand side you will see a big glass window and a big open room in front of you. Look either just behind you or just to your left. You will find a door in the middle of the room on the same wall next to the door you entered through. Open the door to find the dog tags.




4. Just after you lose your regeneration powers you need to make your way to Frost's office. You will have to go through a room which involves inserting power cells to open a door and then to activate a lift. Before you leave the room with the lift jump onto the boxes on the catwalk and then up to a ledge. Shimmy across the ledge to collect the dog tag on the other catwalk.





A Frosty Reception


1. After meeting with Carol Frost, exit the room and go down the hallway. You will encounter a few laser guided turrets. Follow the safe corridor to the right and work your way through. Head straight to the far end of the corridor and head in the doorway to the right. You will find the dead soldier in the corner of the changing room.




2. In the same room where you were given back your regeneration powers you will find a dead soldier in the far left corner of the room in a doorway.




3. Head out of Carol Frost's office and follow the hallways once you have taken on the soldiers through the smoke they threw at you. There is only one way to go so follow the hallway and go through the door straight ahead through the door in front of you.




4. This one is directly after the previous one. Go back up the hallway you came from and go to the left. You will have to deal with a few soldiers. The door on your right will have the soldier and computer Intel. You can't miss the room as the right hand side of the room has a row of beds.




5. You will meet up with Carol Frost again and she will restore your Ferrel vision within a lab. After you fight off the horde of enemies, you will need to lunge across a drop to the other side once two soldiers appear. You will find this soldier in one of the cells as you make your way out out of this chapter.





The Escape


1. Before you can collect the dog tag you will need to defeat the Goliah's and a few soldiers. Once you have dealt with them look for a small tunnel next to the forklift truck where you will find the soldier.




2. Once you have taken on the W.E.N.D.I.G.O. Prototype you will enter a room where you need to cross two beams. Cross over and make your way through to the next area. Before you jump down and take on the soldiers go to the end of the catwalk and pry open the door to collect the dog tag.




3. Not to far from the last one, head through the next area, you will need to take on a few ghost soldiers and head upstairs to make your way over to the next platform. You will need to enter a door on the left hand side. Take on all the soldiers but don't progress just yet. Instead look around the crates towards the door you just walked through to find the fallen soldier.



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Chapter 2: The Frozen Tundra



Team X


1. Shortly after you start the level you will encounter various soldiers and a Leviathan, once you have dealt with them look to the pathway you first traveled along and you will see an alter with the dead soldier sat in front of it on a path just off to the left of the screen.




2. Just after the first dog tag you will enter a temple. Head straight to the back of the big room and you will find another soldier sad up against a stone block. It's located directly behind the large statue, you can't really miss it.




3. To grab this next one your going to have to be quick. You will enter a room with a crank in the middle, you can clearly see the soldier but you need to be quick as the ceiling will lower. You need to turn the crank as fast as possible before you are killed by the lowering spikes, one your way out of the room quickly grab the dog tags as you exit.




4. You will need to carry on and beat yoru way through a few new enemies including a Hunter. Once you have killed them you will need to move a statue over a pressure plate on the flood, located on the left side of the open area your in. Enter through the big skull and make your way threw to the next area, be careful to avoid all the spikes. Once you head into the next area you will see a few large statues on either side. Before you progress jump down and head to the very back of the area, if your using feral sense you will see a small movable statue. You will find your dog tags and fallen soldier on the same ledge as this statue.




5. This last one is towards the end of the level. You will need to scale a huge tower. You will have to fight various enemies on the way so be prepared. Once you start to climb the tower you will get to a level just below the very top. As soon as you have dealt with the machete wielding natives climb up the vines and look to the left of your screen where you will see a statue with a dead soldier. Jump across to claim the dog tags.





I'm The Best There Is


1. After you return back to your current situation after a flashback you will find yourself outside the facility. Fight your way through all the soldiers until you have a W.E.N.D.I.G.O. Prototype thrown at you from a chopper. You will find the dog tags on the left hand side of the waterfall in this location.




2. Head down the pathway that the W.E.N.D.I.G.O. Prototype just made after it runs away from you. The dead soldier is directly in front of you so you can't miss it, just keep an eye on the chopper above as it will shoot down on you.




3. The last dog tag is located in a cave which you will make your way to while running from the chopper. Watch out for the bomb and overhead fire. As soon as you enter the cave you will see the yellow glow from the soldier towards the back of the cave.







1. You will have to trail a fair way before you get to this next dog tag. You need to scale a waterfall and take out more soldiers surrounding a communications mast. You can't miss this area as you need to knock over the mast to cross over of the drop. As soon as you get to the other side look to your right and you will find the dead solder with dog tags just out of sight.




2. After the previous collectible you will need to enter a facility, pull the guard through the fence. You will need to fight through various enemies before you can progress to the next area. If you look behind the trucks as you enter you will see a lower area to the left, you will find the dead soldier and dog tags on this lower level.




3. You need to work your way around the rooftops and get to the C4 located in one of the buildings. To get into the building with the C4 you need to knock over a communications tower and run across. You will find the fallen soldier in the same room on the lower level.







1. Once you have destroyed the doorway blocking your exit from the facility head along the bridge avoiding the chopper fire, kill all the guards and check around the left side of the building before you climb the ladder.




2. You will be forced down under the bridge onto a catwalk, you can't miss this one as it will be in front of you as you walk down around one of the supporting struts for the bridge.




3. This next one is easy to miss to make sure you pick it up, as you jump across the gaps to get over to the next catwalk there will be a concrete support in the middle, watch out for the chopper and drop down onto the second part of this support. Again this one is very easy to miss so be sure to collect it.





What I do Isn't Very Nice


1. Once you have destroyed the chopper you will watch a short cut scene. Enter the building and kill the two soldiers. Look in the office in the far left corner to find the dog tags.




2. Make your way up through the offices and catwalks, you will come to set of windows with a guard standing outside. Ignore him for now and continue left on the catwalk to collect the dog tag.




3. After you have taken down both W.E.N.D.I.G.O.s you will be enter the doorway they came through. Kill all the soldiers and look for a ledge up behind the trucks to get this dog tag.




4. After you have progressed passed the sniper you will drop into another big open area where you will fight a horde of soldiers. Deal with all the soldiers and then climb the cliff face to progress. Once you get to the top of the cliff you will find the dead soldier just to your right past a fallen tree.




5. Carry on your path which will lead you to a dam. Cross over the dam, once you get to the other side look in the corner just left of the door. You should be able to see the soldiers glow from where you land after you drop down from crossing the dam.




6. Once you have collected the previous dog tag you can climb a ladder, progress forward, you will need to move a truck to get up a little higher. Once you can lock onto the guard lunge at him to get across the huge gap. From here a Grenadier will show up in a room just across from where you are, instead of deflecting his rockets lunge at him to gain access to the room. This is where you will find the last dog tag for this chapter.



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Chapter 3: Days of Future Beginnings



Jungle Rendezvous


1. You can't really miss this one, as you travel through to your next checkpoint you will encounter the Shifters. After you have killed them all progress forward on your path. You will have to follow a hallway which is riddled with traps. The dead soldier will be directly in front of you as you walk down the first part of the hallway.





Project Wideawake


1. As soon as you enter the facility enter the door directly on your right hand side. The dog tags and soldier are lent against a generator.




2. Exit the previous room and head down down the hallway, enter the first door on the left where you will find the next set of dog tags.




3. Just after you have fought with the predator units use the node to enter the door and enter the door on the far left hand side. You will need to destroy a few robot droids and a soldier. The dog tags are on the body in the middle of the room.




4. Once you have made is past the lasers and onto the section where you move the teleporter, teleport over to the other platform and check around the left side of the building before entering the door. You can see this soldier from the opposite platform before you teleport.







1. After you finish the long elevator decent you will end up back in Africa, you will find a dead soldier behind you as soon as you start.




2. You will encounter more shifters soon enough in an area you entered previously in the game. You will have to move a statue to open the skull gate to gain access to the next area. Once you have entered you will have to make your way past the floor of spikes and fight more shifters. In this area you will see the body of a soldier on your right hand side as you enter the room.




3. You will find yourself having to drop down into a pit to collect a crank to move the large statues in the room. Once you have completed the tasks and made it across the platforms which are revealed you will see the soldiers body directly in front of you.





Raven's Explanation


1. Once the cutscene ends jump on the platform which is lowering. You will see the dead soldier directly in front of you on the platform.




2. Head over the moving platforms and look out for the dead soldier on a lower platform just after the soldiers you need to kill.




3. On the same platform towards the back you will find the third dog tag for this checkpoint. It's hidden behind the lifts in an alcove. Make sure you have both of these before you progress.





Bolivar Trask


1. Kill the two robots and enter the door on the right. As soon as you enter you will be faced with two soldiers. Kill them both and collect the dog tags from the soldier which is sat in front of the door.




2. After you have made your way down through all the enemies you will find yourself in a big open room where you can control the teleporter. Move the teleporter to the far left, he room has a big conveyor belt running through it so its easy to spot. Jump on the pad behind you and look behind the control console where you will find a fallen soldier and dog tags.




3. After leaving the Cryo room for the second time you will need to kill a few droids, on your path you will notice a few guards enter from a room on the right, kill the guards and then enter this small room to collect the dog tag.




4. Carry on your path until you are faced with various soldiers teleporting to your location. Kill them all and head up the elevator. As soon as you get to the top you will see the dead soldier as soon as you exit.




5. Just after the elevator you will need to walk across a long beam to get to another. The dead soldier is led up against the next elevator wall before you proceed.




6. Just after the collapsing bridge you will enter a control room, you fill find the dog tags to the right, take out the enemies to the left before proceeding.





Wideawake's Secret


1. Once you have entered through the big hanger doors kill the soldiers on the left. Proceed around to the platform with the teleporter. You fill find the soldier on your left as you get to the platform.




2.Move the teleporter to the right and jump on the pad to get over the other side of the room. Head down the stairs and turn 180 degrees to see the dead soldier. Jump over the computer to collect it.







1. Progress though killing all the guards, you need to make your way to a big room with a half constructed sentinel. Once you are in this room jump on the moving platforms, you need to climb a ladder to progress. At the top of the ladder you will find the dead soldier and his dog tags.




2. Do the same for the next set of moving platforms and you will find the dog tags at the top of another ladder.





Finding Agent Zero


1. Head down the path and take out both the Hunters, before you jump across the giant gap collect the dog tags.



2. Progress around the bridge and across the waterfall. As soon as you climb up you will see the dead soldier in the corner behind a pillar.




3. Climb up the tower until you run into a few enemies inside. Take them out and then collect the dog tags from the fallen soldier.





Aim for the Head


1. Watch out for the sentinel as he fires as you, take a left and look for the dead soldier up against the wall.




2. In the room with the sentinels hand follow the catwalk around to the left, take the first left to find the dead soldier sat against a box.




3. Proceed down the lift and go to your right. You will find this soldier next to a ladder.




4. This next one is located on the other side of the room. You need to climb a ladder to find it. It's located near a mutagen so it's not hard to miss.




5. Once you have destroyed all the enemies using the sentinels hand, head up the middling corridor and up the lift. You can't miss this soldier as he will be right in front of you when you get the top of the lift shaft.




6 & 7. Once you have progressed on an destroyed the sentinels torso you will need to enter a room which you will need to pry the doors open to. Both of the bodies are on the left and right side of the room sat in front of the doors.




8. After the cutscene turn around to find the dog tags on a soldier in the corner next to a holding cell.



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Chapter 4: Mardi Gras



The Corbeau Casino


1. After you have taken on Blob and dealt with Gamit you will be shown a cutscene. After this head up the stairs and grab the dog tags on the left hand side of the room.




2. Head upstairs and over to the balcony, once you get to it go to the far right and pick up the dog tags.



3. Carry on your path through the hallways. You will hear loads of people being killed. Hack through the door and pick up the dog tags which will be on your right.




4. You will find the next one a little further down the hall from the previous one. This one is quite obvious so you shouldn't miss it.




5. You will now enter a big room with a huge statue in the middle. As soon as you run up the first set of stairs on your right turn around to find the dead soldier.




6. Once you get to the second level of this room make your way across the zip line to the other side where you will find this next do tag. This ones easy to miss so make sure you pick it up.




7. As soon as you get to the top of the elevator turn left and jump up onto the rope. Shimmy your way across to the platform and dead soldier to collect this next one.




8. Progress across the beam and kill both the assassins. Head up the stairs where a chopper will start shooting at you through the big windows. Look to your left and you will see dead soldier against the wal.





High Rollers Lounge


1. Once you have killed the assassins and soldiers head to the roof and go to the left at the top of the ladder. Following the path around until you find the body of the next soldier.




2. Make your way between the buildings, after you fight Gambit for the second time you will need to zipline across to progress, you will see the dead soldier on your path near some boxes.




3. Climb up the wall and kill the two soldiers firing rockets at you. Before you cut the rope drop down to collect the dog tags.




4. Jump over to the platform and over the wood you just dropped. Drop down to the ground below and collect the next dog tag.




5. After the brief fight with the chopper look directly to your left as you recover from crashing into the building.




6. After taking out the four soldiers with rockets head over to the other side of the bridge and head to the right of the elevators to collect this dog tag.





Please Excuse Our Dust


1. After your encounter with the assassins climb up the outside of the building, you will now need to fight a few more enemies. Once their are dead clumb up the boxes and the wall also. Once your at the top of this wall there is a small catwalk in front of you which will be hiding the soldier behind a few boxes.



2. This next one is half way through the level. You will known when your close as you will need to cut two ropes to release a beam so you can progress. You also head down a small ramp and see the cement mixer in front of you. Just check for the alcove.



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Chapter 5: The Wolverine


The Beginning of the End


1. As you go through the door on the left from the main area you will come to a pressure pad with a soldier on the other side of a gate. Lunge at him and drop down into the pit on the left hand side to collect the next dog tag.




2. After you have killed all the enemies in the large batter open the gate on the left side of this open area. Head up the stairs and around. You need to go to the far wall and jump over to a ledge. Using feral senses will reveal another ledge above you which you need to shimmy across. Shimmy to the right and climb up, the dead soldier will be just in front of you.





The Island


1. You will start out in an open area. Kill all the area and exit out through the green door. You will have to walk past the dead soldier to progress so pick up the dog tags on the way.




2. Just up from the previous dog tag look to your left in the caged area to find this dog tag.




3. This final dog tag will be on your right hand side as you enter an office across a catwalk. You will fight a Ghost in here so take him out and collect the last dog tag of the game.




Congratulations, if you followed this guide closely you should have all the dog tags within X-men Orgins: Wolverine.

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Damn I just finished the game and still have 3-4 unaccounted for plus the ones I know I missed. Sucks cause I hardly ever died so I don't know how I missed them. I wonder if there was 1 level I totally skipped by accident or something. Too bad the replay chapters doesn't tell you how many dogtags are left on that specific chapter that would be real helpful.

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Stryker's Office/Offer - Pics for #3 & #4 are reversed.


EDIT: Does anyone know if there are any missing from this guide? I guess I should do a count real quick, I officially just have 1 left that I missed and not sure which.


EDIT2: I just counted 94 =(


EDIT3: Nevermind 1 of the pics has 2 so there is definitely all 95 here.

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Had already played the story mode without a guide (as I always like to do), and collected 86 tags. When I realised there was no way of knowing which I had missed I was a bit worried about finding them all.

But with this SUPERB guide I have just got them all.

Thanks so much for all the hard work that has been put into this.

Top stuff!!!!!!!! ;)

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