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Achievement Guide 2.0

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LOL! First, Maybe you could be a bit more polite.


It worked for me, as well as the group of 8 people I regularly play with. If it's not working for you, maybe try and hold back a bit until you clear it out...Not once in the 6 times I completed it did they defuse my hack, same with my mates. No one says you have to do exactly what I say, it was just a suggestion of the easiest way I found.


Looking at your gamer card it seems you completed it...Rant for nothing? Me thinks so.


Yep, rant in the heat of the moment. Sorry!


The AI can be quite random in this game. Try again and they'll do something completely different (this is also how I did the convoy mission)

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How do you drop kill an enemy AA?


The easiest way to do it is to start up a Private match with a friend. The person getting the achievement needs to make a custom class with the modules 4x Armor Plating, 4x Deceptor Plates, and 2x on either Shield Booster or Stealth Matrix (Either is fine).


Now you two need to spawn as close to each other as you can. Have your friend come to you, that way he knows where you will land when you die. Your friend needs to kill you twice to get enough money to buy a deployable anti-air turret. Make sure not to change where you land so it will be in the same spot every time. When you die the second time, do not respawn. Instead let your friend put down the anti-air turret where you have been landing. He needs to shoot the turret until it is almost dead. Once he does this you can spawn as your custom class that you made. You will land on the turret without even having to aim.


Or if you don't have a friend then just keep the same module settings as I said above and aim for an enemy anti-air turret. It's harder to do, because you have to have good aim. Once you land and if you miss, then remember how far you were off, so that you can adjust it to where you can hit it. You need to shoot the turret down to at least half, I did it to where the turret had less than 25% health left before I tried to land on it again. Now you need to hit the back button, use the left/right bumpers to go to the dropship tab, then click the respawn. Now adjust to where you can hit the turret and hope for the best. If you miss, just keep adjusting until you hit it.


This is a dlc achievement as well, so you need to have it before you can get the achievement.

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