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How many of you can actually finish Shock and Awe (Extreme)?


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Like many of you, I was stuck on the Shock and Awe (Extreme) challenge map for ages. My problem wasn't getting the score, it was finishing within the given time. So many times I got to round 4 with ~30,000 points, only to fail because I couldn't finish it before the floor lit up. The only time I ever completed the map, I got all three medals.


So I am curious, how many of you can actually finish the dang thing, with or without a qualifying score?

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Shock and Awe (Extreme) was the last challenge that I completed, being the toughest by far. It took me a dozen tries or so. Beating it was never a problem, but getting the score was. That particular challenge forces you to balance out your strategy.


You can either go for a long combo and run out of time, or go for quick takedowns and not get a high enough score. However, with the amount of enemies in the last wave, a perfect freeflow combo can net you lots of points. I managed 22,000 in the last round.


Oh yeah, throwing people over the railings is always fun. Worth some points too, although I never looked at how much. (Ring Out Bonus)

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I have only managed to finish it twice: first time with 28.3k, second with around 31.1k.


That last one was crazy. So, the timer hits 0 as I finish a quick takedown on a guy, and I still have 4 guys left. 2 of the guys are close to the edge and one hit ring-outs both of them. By now, I'm just mashing X to hit the other 2 guys. First one goes down after 2 hits and the second one goes down after 1 hit, just as the screen was about to turn completely black. They still gave me the win!!! I could swear the neighbors heard me whoop in joy.


Just have to beat the game in hard an I'm all set. Yay!

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Check out this post for a video of someone using explosive gel




It's not pretty, and it won't get you on the top of the leaderboards, but it works.


I did it on my first try using this method. I did rounds 1 and 2 without the gel, you just have to do well, I had 20000 points after round 2. Rounds 3 and 4 i used the gel to thin out the ranks at the beginning. Finished round 3 just as the screen faded to black. Try not to overuse the quick takedown since it eats so much clock


Check out my guide if you need help


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Beat it and got my 1000/1000!!! That one wasn't as bad at the Jungle extreme though having to get 50K.

Actual Jungle Extreme was very easy I got over 80,000 no glitch 100% legal and Sewer Bat Extreme is a joke only had to make sure to kick the guys that went for the gun now Shock and Awe Extreme is a pain but what you have to do is try to keep you combo up so you can keep using Takedowns and go for the Guys with knives fist with a takedown is an easy K.O. on them and for Points do a Ground Pound as many times as you can in a combo you get X 100. My best is over 55,000.

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I finally finished shock and awe (extreme) yesterday. I came close twice with 3 medals, but ran out of time. I didn't quit till I got it. It was a pain. What I did was take down the baton and knife guys as soon as possible. Either throw there ass out or break there limbs. When round 2 starts I would advise using your Batclaw to the guys on the right. That is to keep that one clown for going for the weapon on the upper right level. Once that is done try to keep your combo up as best you can. Watch that right side because the henchmen still try to go for it in every round. What saved me was I kept throwing guys out of the ring or broke there limbs. Trust me you will do the same if you want to make it in time. To do that, keep your combo up. Now I have one more to go, Rumble in the Jungle (extreme) I was close, 46,050, but I know I will get it today. Good luck!

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OMG I am so glad I'm not the only one with this issue. I was playing it last night until 1 a.m. (I've most likely played that map at least 80 times) got so frustrated I put it away. So this afternoon I downloaded the new content to try out and when I had my fill of that I was thinking I would try the map again, first time I got gold and passed it. Up to that point I was lucky if I got silver and wasn't ever close to passing the 4th round before time ran out.


I just finished Sewer Bat (Extreme) and Rumble in the Jungle (Extreme), unlocked my Combat Gold and Perfect Knight! Now I'm 1000/1000!!!!!

:woop: :drunk

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I had a hard time with all the challenges until i realised about the Orange Counter and take downs Y + B. With that i managed to pass each extreme with slight ease.

IMO, it's all about how good you do in the first rounds.

Take Rumble in the jungle, If you can hit 20k in the first round and a good 10-20k in the second, then you can get it easy.


With Shock and Awe (extreme), grapple the tasers + knife guys (Jump out of the way before the tasers hit you), then simply get a combo of 5 and do a takedown on the knife guys or tasers. I also do this for the guys who get the guns.

Also a thing to note, if a guy goes for the gun leave him get it. He cant shoot you from that platform. Just keep a good eye on when he gets back. So keep hitting the regular goons until he drops then do an instant takedown.

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