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How many of you can actually finish Shock and Awe (Extreme)?


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While looking for some more tips on this, I saw this on youtube...


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9goQYFlxPeI]YouTube - Batman AA Challenge Mode - Shock and Awe Extreme *103630 Points* (Rank 1)[/ame]


The dude gets... wait for it....

103630 points!

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This was my last one, and i couldn't finishe roudn 3 for ages. Then i got that down to an art. then i couldn't beat round 4 within the time.


Then i finally did it and got 28k then again with 27 k


alot more grinding of the level later i finally got it, 49k and top 600 on the ladder



i will point out when i started the challenges i could barely get 6k on thefirst map


just keep practicing guys and you'll get it eventually. The most important tips for that level are use critical hits and throw as many people off the side as possible starting with the knife and taser guys. Also jump over and critical hit taser guys to make them drop their weapon and cape and critical hit knife guys when needed


most important, slow down, relax and take your time. believe it or not there is plenty of time. its when you rush and make mistakes when it runs out far too fast

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Congratulations. Whenever I tried batclawing those guys, the stun baton thug always gets to tase me whenever I pull him in. So I never resorted to that.


Thanks for the congrats dude. I actually tried it again for laugh and I only made it to round 3.

What I meant to say was Batclaw the knife dudes and batarang the electric taser dudes.

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I had a killer run in the first round (11k) only to blow it in the 2nd (3500).

Finished up the last two with ~7490 each.


29480. OUCH.


yet i cant get even over 22k on regular shock and awe!




am i the only person that gets highly peeved how people cant spell worth a shit on message boards?


If your serious about your edit you might want to spell check and sort out the grammar in your own post. I personally don't care how i type on message boards as long as the meaning gets across. just thought i would point that out

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That is an amazing score.

Question: when an enemy is dazed and laying on the ground, how does one jump all the way accross the screen and land on the dazed enemy to peform a ground takedown?


Same as you'd do a regular takedown...RT+Y. You just have to make sure you're "aiming" in the right direction, and generally Bats only leaps great distances if there is nothing between him and the victim.



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after getting frustrated for what seemed like 4 hours. i finally managed to beat this map. and yea what you have to do is throw as many people as you can off the side, and make sure that you keep the combo going, and lastly don't let them hit you once. it takes some practice but eventually it will be really easy.

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After some more playing last night I still haven't got this one... after watching all those videos I thought yea, this will be fine... *sigh*


I did however find out that the only way to get bats to fire 3 batarangs that knock people over is to be in a combo. If you fire one off the bat (no pun intended) it only fires 1 and doesn't knock the person over.


With that in mind I'm going to go back tonight and try some more...

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Finally got it with pure luck: after a substandard first and second round, I made ~20,000 in the third. Despite my reservations, I decided to finish the final round, if only for practice.


I don't even know what happened next: one second I was starting the round, the next I was wiping drool off my chin as I earned the last two achievements in the game. As a friend who was watching said, "That last round was almost perfect."

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on 3rd try I scored 36k+, but now I'm stuck on the last batmedal on RiTJe... only got 46k+ so far... how sad.. I was convinced that S&A would have been far more difficult...


Yeah, RitJe was a pain, but I found a key to the challenge is abusing the titans for the Rodeo Ride multiplier: the multiplier for hitting a target with a titan is 25, which is pretty high if you can slip onto a titan when you've got even a decent 10-hit combo going. Just make sure you're not targeting the other titan to maximize your points, and you should be okay.

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I finished it but found that challenge is hard for me because of the timer...for other combat challenges, I can finished them for a few tries. However for this one, I always ran out of time at 4th stage...


As someone mentioned at above, I went to other platform and used explosion gel method. It really worked and sometimes knocked out some henchmans out of the ring. After the explosion, when they are being incapacitated, try to RT+Y ground takedown some of them. When it only have last 3 henchmans, use the Batclaw to knock them down for a quick ground takedown.


For a good score enough for 3 medals, try to do Freeflow Perfection + 1 chain combo to kill them all at stage 1, then you don't need to worry about the score after that. If fails, try again. For other stages, try to throw them out of the ring. At stage 4, do it very careful because it comes with many 'shocky' henchmans. Kill them first if you have B+Y Takedown.


For RiTJ(e), same again, do Freeflow Perfection + 1 chain combo to kill them all at stage 1. I think if you can do, you should able to score over 20,000 score at stage 1.


Good luck all! :)

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I starngely didn't find this one that hard, and somehow did it 1st time of asking [i'm a a$$hole, I know]


Like with all the other challenges, its all about racking up a beauty of a score in the 1st round. Get 15k with a 1-combo, max variation bonus and a couple of ground-takedowns.

The next 3 rounds should then only be a matter of dashing from guy-to-guy taking them out, chucking in the odd variation, and doing instant take-downs all the time, especially on knife/taser guys.

Once your combo for doing that hits 10-20, seperate one guy from the pack by kicking him into a corner [spin n chuck a batarang in-case others are close to you] and get the ground-takedown for the x100 multiplier.



I did it with 5 seconds to spare. [and I did get hit/have my combo broken quite a few times]

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I had an attempt at it earlier as I didn't have any medals for it and got all 3 but then ran out of time and then tried again got all 3 again and with 8 seconds left beat the last guy, just have to get improved score on sewer bat extreme and rumble in the jungle extreme to get three medals need like 5000 points on each

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