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Achievement Trading Thread


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I could definitely use some help finishing up these achievements:


Saving the maximum number of citizens (basically, send me gold and I'll do the same for you)

Earn 1000 gold in henchman's wages

Clothing collection (specifically the King Suit)

Legendary Weapons (I have about 18 in one game right now, and I'm playing through a second time so I'll probably be able to share more than that).


I'm more than willing to help you out with anything you need to finish up as well so let me know if you want to team up!


Gamertag: theindiecity




~Andrea :dance:

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Gamer tag - Camege available tonight 2200 get and tomorrow 0900 gmt


Looking for help on below


Cross dimensional conception

We can be heroes

Kaboom - easier with 2


Queens suit

Female masquerade suit


Mistpeak valley demon door


Happy to assist others if i can

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I need several weapons as well as the chefs hat. I'll be willing to trade any weapons from my world (I have 2 characters so essential 24 weapons from 3 shops). I don't even need the weapon off you, I'll buy it myself from the shop :) Add me (Preferably with a message too) Gamertag is Smithy440

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Hi guysJust finished this game. Been in plastic for two years haha. I need the online cheevos, the clothing and weapon achievements too. I don't have many weapons myself but I have a few chefs hats. Willing to give all weapons back once achievement has popped. Also play a female character for marriage children etc. am back home on Thursday so add me : mechynick

I'll give u a message wen back. Cheers guys

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I need someone (most likely a female ruler of Albion) to give me Queen's Suit (5 items), Women's Masquerade Suit (6 items) and Chef's Hat for the Fashion Victim achievement. I promise I will help you with this achievement if you help me.


Feel free to add me and send me a message if you are interested.


GT: Skelzorge

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Missing three weapons in order to finalize all achievement. If you have the following I'm willing to help out with the weapons and fashion achievement:



Tee Killer Shooter

Skorm's Justice



(I have all suites except the mens masquerade one)



GT: FreJac80

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Okay, I am in need of a Women's Masquerade Suit & a Queen's Suit. Seeing as how I played through as a male character I must acquire these from someone else. If you're able to send them my way my gamertag is right to the left and if for some reason it isn't there it is: xCursiNxMayheMx


Also I had encountered a "game breaking" glitch on my last save which I put around 70hrs in so if anyone could gift me vast amounts of gold it'd be much appreciated, I'm just looking to finally complete this game and be rid of the bad memories haha.

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have all outfits other than the chef's hat if someones willing to trade just so the achievement pops add me GT: BR4NN4Z

also looking to get 1000 gold in another heroes world if anyone wants some help

willing to help others get achievements you need just message me

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