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If anyone can help me finish any of the 2 achievements, I don't mind giving all the clothes/weapons after. If you want to help me, just message me please :dance:



• I still need the king's suit (5 items)

• 4 of the 6 pieces for men's masquerade suit (hat/mask/coat/gloves)

• the chief hat.




• Beadle's Cutlass

• The Merchants Bodyguard

• Slimquick

• The Splade

• Thunderblade



• Faerie Hammer of the Moon King

• Hammer of Wilmageddon

• Jack's Hammer

• Lunarium Pounder

• Tannar's Glory

• Trollblight



• Bloodcraver

• Chickenbane

• Dragonstomper .48

• Holy Vengeance

• The Ice Mainden

• Reaver Industries Perforator

• Tee Killer Shooter



• Arkwright's Flintlock

• The Hero's Companion

• Ol' Malice

• The Shrieking Pilgrim

• Skorm's Justice

• Swift Irregular

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