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Good to see.....


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Legendary is still broken, and all the enemies still shoot at just you, and shoot through walls....good to know they haven't worked on fixing that.

Do you hide and expect the friendly AI to do all the work? Your allies aren't there to beat the game for you, so they don't do as much as you and thus draw less fire (besides the fact that it is you that should be playing the game). I've had the AI "forget" about me on several occasions, just by backing far enough off. If you're alone (as in most of the time you are The Rookie), the enemies will regroup and/or settle down enough so you can gain the advantage again.


I've never had the AI "shoot through walls" even though rounds penetrating walls is quite expected, especially considering the weapons being used.


Lastly, Legendary isn't that hard solo if you take your time, back off from time to time, use the environment to your advantage (ODST is full of alternate routes and ambush options), and watch for grenades.

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I love it when people say something is broken if it's too difficult for them for example.


Actually, I am not saying that because it's too difficult for me, it IS broken. If you are FORCED to play the singleplayer on Legendary with more than 1 person in order to beat it, then its not a single-player at all, it's a multiplayer, hence, making the difficulty on the singleplayer broken.


I love it when you people make assumptions, because you make an ass of u and me.

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