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How to pass scenario 2.


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I'm still working on passing the first scenario, but I thought I'd share an easy way to pass scenario 2.


The main goal of this scenario is to bring in a total of 10,0000,0000 within 5 years. It doesn't matter if you spend this money as in comes in, you'll see the progress bar continue to fill as your stores earn money.


First, use your money to buy 3 stores, spread them out over the city.

Turn your speed up to max. (10x) You won't need to micromanage anything in your stores, just let them go with all of the default values.


Turn on mail advertising and just leave it on.


As soon as you can afford to, buy another store. Continue to buy more stores as soon as you can afford them.


The only thing you will need to watch for is if someone sets one of your stores on fire, you'll have to restock it. You can do this quickly by saving the layout of an existing store and just loading it in to your empty store.


You should easily meet your goal before the 5 years is up. And you'll most likely get an "A" rating.

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Can you just let it sit and tally up then?


I am trying that approach (I just got the game) but how long takes each scenario (the 5 years in game). It seems that I am playing for hours, but the scenario did not end yet.


I got the basic commands from the menu (place store, place/get rid of furniture, layout, etc) but I did not find which option is how to change the game clock speed.


And someone can explain me which number is which in the game hud? (i.e. which one is the total money gain, profit and population?) Thanks!

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I know it's a little late but maybe this will help someone out in the future.


I haven't played the game yet so I might be off. Population should be 人口 and money should be お金 (possibly お金所持) or 円.

If you see 万 that means it's 10,000. So 10万円/10万人 would be 100,000 yen/people respectively. In Japanese the counting is a bit different, it's 10s, 100s, 1000s, 10,000s, etc.

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