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Nice game


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I just loaded this game and played for about 1 hour now. Seems like an easy and fun 200.. the bone collecting achievement doesn't seem to be a problem since you can go back to earlier levels and collect the missing ones.


But I don't know about the 42k points achievement..


But anyway, this game is well designed and absolutely worth the 800 points. Give it a shot. : )


And by the way, push BACK at the beginning of every level, a golden star indicates whether an item can be found in the level (tubes, bones, pictures). :)


Edit: Just in case anybody has problems with the pipe puzzle, here's how it looks in the end:


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Ive played the likes of MonkeyIsland, Sam+Max Seasons 1+2 and W+G recently and as theyre ALL point and click type games I wanted to ask those that have played it if you think Id enjoy this as much as the others.....

...... opinion please =D


It's probably easier than all those you mentioned. Although I haven't actually played Sam & Max, but I've played Monkey Island & W&G. It's usually fairly easy to work out what you've got to do next, but it's a fun, quirky little game. In some levels you have little puzzles, like constructing a pyramid. There are also hidden collectables within most levels (a level is basically one screen). There are 20 bones to find, 8 coloured paints and things to draw. Plus there are three mini games, a driving one, a hot air balloon one and a boat one which are quite fun. The graphics and music are very nice. It probably won't take too long to complete, but I'm three quarters of the way through and I didn't get all the hidden stuff 1st time, so there's reason to play through levels again. I'd say it's probably worth the 800 points all in all.

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Yeah I've only played the first 12 chapters so far, but I've already done the balloon minigame for 10000 points and the first track of the car one and I have to say the minigames are very addictive. The car one is like Trials HD, which i love. The only problems I have are that some of the solutions are silly; as the best adventure games make you go "Ohhhh that's how you do it, that makes sense" whereas this sometimes makes you say "Hmmm... Yeah... How was I meant to know that?". Also for such a relaxed and artsy game I wonder why they included QTEs? So far they're easy but they can take you by surprise and it just doesn't fit the pace of the game.


Otherwise the art style is unique and a bit Tim Burton-esque; very cool. I picked this over lucidity and SPLGTDP and I don't regret it, it is more original than south park and not as frustrating as lucidity. So far I'd give it a solid 8/10, for those on the fence people who cannot compute opinions without some kind of score lol

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