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I'm getting no achievements?


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I had the same problem. I always download the trial version of games before I decide whether or not to unlock the full game. Normally if you're playing a trial of a game and you do something that would unlock an achievement the game tells you that you need to unlock the full game to get the achievement. I completed chapter 1 while playing the trial and I knew there was an achievement for completing the 1st chapter, but the game didn't say anything about it. So I carried on with the trial and decided to unlock the full game, assuming that the achievement would unlock then, but it didn't. I then completed the spring chapters and I didn't get that achievement either. I tried restarting the game and that worked. So I'm afraid you'll have to start again. I don't know if you downloaded the trial too, but maybe there's some sort of bug that disables the achievements if you play the trial first.

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