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Brutal Legend DLC announced for next week!


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They could have seriously had no achievements in this game and I would have gotten it. Its such a fun game.


I will be buying the map pack, I love the multiplayer, its really fun and different. Its just I have a shitty ISP so I lag out alot. Can't wait till I move from my hometown in a couple of months to get a better internet so I can fully enjoy the multiplayer.


But I think we all really want more single player stuff. I'm thinking they are working on something more like a new island, or just more single player missions. Just really a little expansion. This is Double Fine's first game with multiplayer and DLC. So I really think they will keep releasing stuff for it for a good while. I just think the map pack is something to give to the player to hold them off cause the single player was kind of short.

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Woooo maybe not ;)


I hope they release a patch to nerf the fire barons a bit though. I'm tired of getting smoked because DD doesn't get it's anti vehicle until the third upgrade.


Here is a strat from the EA forums for DD:


Bride, Wig, Wig, Bride, Bride


Upgrade Stage


Organist, Wig/Organist, Whichever you didn't just make (depending on how good he is at targeting the wigs you already have out).



3 brides slow the hogs down to civilian like speed, and 2 organists bring their damage down to "Jeepers Batman! Is that a mosquito?"


If this doesn't work for you, you can always play as IH and use the fire barons to counter it or play as TC and use skull rakers.

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