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Army of Two: Briefcase Locations


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Army of Two: Briefcase Locations





1. Once you start the mission, you will find yourself para-sailing down to the ground. Kill all the enemies and other objectives and progress into the cave. Once you follow the pathway down you will be shown a cutscene of the M11 missile. Kill all the enemies in this area and make your way up to the missile. Look behind the heavy armored gun turret to find a pathway that leads up a small hill. At the top you will find your first briefcase next to a broken bridge.




2. Keep progressing though the level up until you destroy the next M11 missile. You will soon make your way around to a third M11 missile, at this point you will need to kill a heavy armored guard. Clear the area and make your way up the catwalks, you will find the case in front of you at the on the highest catwalk. The platform is above where you enter this area.




3. Once you find hicks's cell head back out to the hallway you just entered and check behind the sandbags at the far end. You will find the case on the floor where a few enemies were attacking you from.






1. Make your way through the base at the start and then into the next area where you need to eliminate Ali Youssef's lieutenant. As you progress though the mission you will enter a bunker, at the bottom of the stairs you will find a riot shield. Use this to make your way through the hallways. Once you enter the next open area kill all the enemies. Once you have done so follow your marker, before you go up the ladder look near a crate.


The case is not pictured in this image as i picked it up by mistakes before i took the screenshot.




2. Enter yourresf's base and head towards the far right corner. This one is quite easy to find as it's behind the last tent next to the wall.




3. Make your way through the oil refinery, you will have to take out a heavy armored guard so be prepared. You will notice the two hangers on your left as you enter this part of the base. Next to them a little future down are two guard towers/catwalk platforms. Climb up the one nearest the wall. You will find the case at the top in the corner.




Aircraft Carrier


1. Once you have landed and cleared out all the enemies you can, once the coast is clear head behind the control tower and look for a catwalk, it's handing off the side of the deck and quite easy to see.




2. Make your way through the tool shop below on the carrier and you will need to enter an armory/hanger. You will be bombarded by soldiers and need to clear out this room. Once you have done so make your way to the other side of the hanger and look behind three green missiles. They are located near the door you need to blow up.




3. Once you have spoken to the captain head down stairs and make your way through to Hanger C. Once inside you will see a basketball hoop in the far right hand corner. Look behind the basketball net to find this case.






1. Blow up the bride and make your escape on the hovercraft. Once you get to the damn you need to open the flood gates. Head up to the first tower and active the gates. Clear out the area and head across the metal bridge. You need to make your way to the other tower on the opposite side of the dam. The case is up against the wall of the second tower.




2. Make your way up to the village, once you get to the bridge look up stream and to your right, you will see a house with a huge hole in the side of it. The briefcase is on the second floor of this building. You're going to need to kill quite a few people before you can make it across to this area so take your time and be prepared.




3. Make your way through to the last area, you will know when you are close as you need to enter a big processing plant. Fight your way through the enemies and clear out this last area. Once its' clear head to the left side of the building and look for a large dumpster, the briefcase is behind it. If your not sure of the location keep playing until you end up Back-to-Back, once you get to this part do not proceed until you have found the case outside the building.






1. Make your way through the airport, once you make it past the baggage claim keep following your GPS. Once you are on the catwalk you will run past an office. It's easy to see as the GPS will tell you to run around the outside of it. Enter the office and run through to the other side. The briefcase will be right in front of you as you exit the room.




2. Make your way though the mission until you enter the SSC tower. Once you have cleared the lobby make your way up to the third floor via the stairs. Ignore the elevator for now as you will need to complete another objective before you can progress. Clearing out all the enemies on the floors before hand will make this easier.



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