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There ARE old map remakes in MW2!!

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I was playing some good 'ol call of duty for the PC, and was playing on the map Brecourt. Now, this map is also in CoD2.


Is it just me, or is the map Wasteland almost a direct remake of that map? I could have sworn I was playing Wasteland, but with a much more... pleasant environment. =)



here's some pics:








I know the pictures don't really justify the map similarities, but if you watch gameplay or even play those 2 maps, you'll say to yourself, "damn! they're the same maps!"




another really cool fact: the maps Invasion & Favela were originally suppose to be in the Call of Duty 4 variety map pack, but were "cut and pasted" into Modern Warfare 2. Talk about lazyness...





anyone find anymore remakes?

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I want shipment from Modern Warfare 1, but this is the shipment that you can see while doing the bridge spec ops. I wanna look at the bridge and see helicopters flying by and russian troopers sliding down cables into the bridge.

rust in the spiritual successor to shipment according to IW. so therefor, you will not see a shipment remake in any future map packs. ;)

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