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A lot of these collectibles are very easy to find and I am feeling stupid to list the locations of totally obvious things, but it’s a guide and even nearly blind people should find everything. Collectibles can be gathered on several play troughs. So even if you missed something it is still available. To make things even more easy you can choose to replay any completed level from the level start menu. By pressing

:rbbut: submenu you can choose outfits, levels and difficulties as you please. Components for lollypops can be farmed best on Chapter 1 and 2. I didn’t listed Antonio´s notes because the very few that are anything like " hidden " will be found near Chests. Now, some general hints for the Alfheims and other Foes. Alfheims are bonus challenges as in DMC or NG2. They require certain conditions to beat them and will always reward you with either Broken Moon Pearl ( BMP ) or Witch Heart ( BWH ) piece.


1. Prologue Record of Times



0. The Vestibule



1. Chapter : Angels Metropolis


BMP # 1

Right at the beginning jump on the Train move to the second Floor (double jump + wall jump), destroy all benches and the train will move away. There it is, our very first moon pearl piece.


Story related, you need the Key in it to advance.

ALFHEIM #1 Reward- BMP#2

After using the statues to pass the water activate the lift, but don’t use it. Head back where you found the giant key there is the portal.

BWH #1

After the cut scene when Rodin is opening the Gates of Hell look above. On a balcony is what you desire.

CHEST #2-BWH # 2

When you enter the courtyard it’s in plain sight on the right.

LP # 1 Trois Marches Militaire- Onyx Roses

Rewarded for beating the sweet little " Beloved ". Go to Rodin to claim your reward.

BWH #3

After beating " Beloved " advance through the door , kill the 2 ugly angels and look up on the left for the heart piece.


2. CHAPTER : Vigrid City of Déjà vu


BWH #4

After fighting Jeanne for the first time, use the Witch Walk to move up the Wall. To the left is a statue, smash it for the Heart piece.


After entering the first plaza to the right is plain sight.

BWH # 5

Floating under the roofed section near the Chest.


After evading the crashing train, head back where it came from. Behind the now broken Gate, is the Alfheim.

ALFHEIM # 3 – BWH #6

Head the direction you where going before and jump on the arc crossing the street right before the next plaza.


Upon entering the plaza left side near the trash containers.

LP #2 Quasi una Fantasia - Shubara

Rewarded for beating Verse 7 fight. Finally a Sword .. get it from Rodin.


Same Place straight ahead in plain sight.


After the fight with the " Beloved " head back the Level as far as possible. Impossible to miss the Alfheim.


Next to the" Witch Switch" you need to smash to advance.

BWH #7

Turn right from the last Chest, jump on the balcony and look up to see the next heart piece hovering over the tree.





Starting area of the level plain sight where one chest already was the chapter before.


Same Area walk up the stairs and shoot the small trash can. The portal opens under the roofed place on the right side near the chest.

LP#3 Fantaisie Impromptu- 1/2 First part of two for Kulshedra( whip) Obtained after verse 4 fight.


In plain sight on the second plaza where you fight "Fairness".


Before using the statues to move through the lava, head down the stairs where you found the Witch heart on the balcony near the bridge. On the balcony there is your next challenge.

CHEST # 10 – BMP#7

After you drop down in the caves turn around and head back a bit.

LP #3 Fantaisie Impromptu - Part 2/2 for Kulshedra

After entering Paradiso through the portal turn around on the right side in the back is the Disc. You can jump down and even walk on the Water.

BWH #9

After activating Witch time by using the Statues on the right side of the Hourglass near a tree.


Inside Paradiso after the BWH near the tree follow the path to the right …in far distance you can see a rock in the water where this portal is located.

ALFHEIM #8 – BWH #10

After activating the Hourglass outside Paradiso don’t cross the bridge. Head back a bit near the Gates of Hell portal is the next Alfheim.

CHEST #11 – BWH #11

After the collapsing Bridge proceed up the rocks. Before entering the Cave to the right there is the Chest on the left.

CHEST #12 – BWH #12

After the Witch walk section follow the path and turn left at the fork. There is the Chest.



NOTHING but a big badass boss battle




LP #4 Sonate in DK. 448 part 1/3 for Durga

After beating the shit out of " Grace and Glory " you get this as reward.


Again after collecting the part of the LP backtrack to the beginning of the level.

LP #4 Sonate in DK. 448 part 2/3 for Durga

After the flight section you will encounter another "Grace and Glory " . This is your reward, for killing them.

CHEST #13 – BWH #13

In plain sight, right beside the stairs.

CHEST #14 – BMP #10

Go up the stairs and jump to a section you can reach to the left…about halfway up.

ALFHEIM #10 – BWH #14

After climbing the Tower from inside aka Witch walking get rid of the "Harmonies " Go back to the bottom of the tower.

ALFHEIM #11 – BWH #15

After completing the last Alfheim head up the tower and take a turn right when you exit. Down the stone serpents body is the next portal.

CHEST # 15 - LP #4 Sonate in DK. 448 part 3/3 for Durga

While moving up the serpent’s body, there is a pretty obvious pool of water to the left. Jump there for the next chest.

CHEST #16 – BWH #16

While going up the second tower from inside jumping on the broken stairs there is a Chest in the back of the exit inside the tower.

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CHEST #17 – LP #5 Patineurs Walz op.183 Part 1/3 for Odette

Right when the Level starts turn around, there is the chest.

CHEST #18 – BWH #17

After smashing the metal gate and getting rid of the enemies in this area, look up to the left. You can double jump to the chest.

CHEST # 19 – LP #5 Patineurs Walz op.183 Part 2/3 for Odette

After moving trough the gate in Panther form jump down and take a turn to the left. behind some smash able rocks there is the Chest.

ALFHEIM #12 – BMP #11

After the trap section with the spikes, activating the switch and killing the Angels head back to the large water filled area, where you fought the 2 " Inspired ". at the spot you entered this area the first time there is the Alfheim.

LP #5 Patineurs Walz op.183 Part 3/3 for Odette

After killing your first " Joy " this is your reward for the fight.

Try the torture move on her, one of my favourites.

CHEST #20 – BWH #18

Before taking the Gate out of Paradiso have a look behind it for this chest.



NOTHING !! Another Skyscraper sized Boss



BWH #19

During the drive section you will come across bridges with big white arches over them.

At the second bridge, stay to the right and drive up the arch. This happens during Verse 3.

BWH #20

At Verse 4 right after the first tunnel stay on the right side and take the first possible exit to the right. The path will redirect you to the main route but on the way there is another heart.



First of all before you start this chapter go to the Gates of Hell and buy the " crow within " technique, as it will be needed to reach a certain Alfheim.


CHEST #21 – BWH #21

As you progress over the pads of light you will reach a bigger Island. On the left side, outside the walls is this chest.

CHEST # 22 – LP #6 Messiah HWV.56 part 1/3 for Lt. Col. Kilgore

When jumping on the plaza after the last chest move to far end right side, there is a wall with a sun symbol on it. Smash the wall to get this chest.

ALFHEIM # 13 – BMP #12

At the opposite side of the plaza there is another wall with a sun symbol. When you get near the middle a fight will start but either way you can do the Alfheim before or after this fight.

CHEST # 23 to #27

After Golem smashes the giant key into several pieces, there are 5 Chests in this small area. Just make sure to hit every single one of them. The very first one should give you the " Achievement " Treasure Collector for finding half of all Chests. So even these ones containing story related elements count toward the Achievement.

CHEST #28 – BWH #22

After putting together the giant key use it, and on the next platform in plain sight is this chest.

LP #6 Messiah HWV.56 part 2/3 for Lt. Col. Kilgore

For beating the two Kinships this is rewarded to you.

ALFHEIM #14 – BWH 23

After the fight with the Kinships and claiming the Part of the LP jump on the wrecks of the ships. Far in the background on a pad of light is this Alfheim. Double jump and use " Crow within " to reach this place.

CHEST #29 – BMP #13

After dealing with the guys in the Alfheim head back and before using witch walk to jump down the glowing gate look to the left.

LP #6 Messiah HWV.56 part 3/3 for Lt. Col. Kilgore

You will come across a Gates of Hell Portal, but instead of moving on the glowing trail use Panther form to reach the opposite side. Another wall with a sun symbol waits to be smashed to reveal this chest.

CHEST #30 BWH #24

After beating " Golem " to the left up some stairs.

ALFHEIM #15 – BWH #25

Again after you got rid of Golem" backtrack the level to the spot where you fought 3 " Joy’s ". That was right after the jump trough the tentacles.



CHEST #31 ( no heart or moon pearl but a red hot shot)

After activating the gears for the wheel check the arch crossing the street on the way up.

CHEST #32 – BMP #14 / ALFHEIM #16 – BWH #26

First turn the wheel to the right where you will find a small island with the chest and the Alfheim.

CHEST #33 – BMP # 15

After beating another 3 " Kinships " jump on the wreck that is farthest away from you.

Check on the background, there is a glowing pad of light with the Chest. Use " crow within" to reach it.

CHEST # 34 – BWH #27

From the last chest look to the right another pad is there. You can fly there .

ALFHEIM # 17 – BWH #28

After the section with the spike traps you will reach a Gate of hell portal. Backtrack over the bridge where this section started. Another Alfheim is there.

CHEST # 35 – BWH #29

Head back to the Gates of Hell portal and smash the wall behind it. Move a bit back and use the Panther form to reach the platform in front of you. Do not fall down or you will not be able to get back there.



NOTHING !! another Boss stage.

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CHEST #36 – BWH #30

As the level starts, look to the right behind some fences. There is this chest.


CHEST #37 – Magic Flute

Some steps ahead from where you found the last chest, there is a breakable door to the left.


CHEST #38 – Red hot Shot

Right I front of you, as you progress in this area. Impossible to miss.


CHEST # 39 – BWH # 31

After getting back to the cargo area of the plain this chest is high on the left side.From the Gates of Hell portal is on the upper right side when you look out of the plane.


ALFHEIM #18 – BWH #32

Before exiting the plane trough the wall left from the Gates of Hell portal, backtrack the whole level to where you started. After 2 fights the Alfheim will appear.


AFLFHEIM #19 – BWH #33

Now outside the plane turn around and shoot the "Decorations ". To your left you can jump into the Engine. Use the Angels there to activate Witch time. This way you can pass the propellers. At the far end of the turbine is the Alfheim. Btw on your way back you can shoot the propellers to advance quicker.




Nothing !! Boss battle




BWH # 34 and BWH # 35

These ones are funny. During Verse 1 and 2 you will be attacked on your missile by 3 Angels each time. Always kill the last one with a torture move and you will get the heart pieces. EDIT: Go for the big ones, these will give the Heart piece.



CHEST #40 – BWH #36

As the level starts go to the right and use Panther form to reach the area ahead . On the Left side is the chest.


ALFHEIM #20 – BWH #37

After killing the Big bad boss using the big cannons, backtrack to the place where You found the former chest.


CHEST #41 – BWH #38

As you reach the top of the Tower there will be a Gate of Hell portal in front of you. Take a turn to the right and in the section with the floating platforms there is the chest in the right corner.


CHEST #42 – Red hot shot

After jumping to the upper section, turn around and move in this direction. Another section of the lower area can be reached by jumping down again. Straight ahead is this chest.


CHEST #43 – BMP # 16

After activating the moving platforms you will see two grey sections. One triggers a fight with " Golem" and opens the door to exit this area, the other one has the Chest on it.


CHEST #44 – BWH #39

From the last chest turn around and you will see some floating platforms and another one with a chest on it. Jump or use Crow within to get there. DING !! Treasure Fanatic!



NOTHING !! Boss Battle




When playing as Jeanne you will reach the big statue and can move up on a path to the top. As soon as you reach the height for her shoulders, backtrack to the satellite like

metal cylinder. This last Alfheim is there. After completing this one the Angel Slayer And Path to Heavens achievements are yours.


This ends this guide and I hope it helped you out a bit.



There are a lot of other collectibles that are not achievement related. The Umbran Tears

of Blood or beating the game in under 3 hours. Other LPs, weapons, costumes and even playable characters can be unlocked. Maybe I will add a list of these. Actually I am considering to make a Umbran Tears of Blood guide. 101 Birds, 50 by getting all Achievements another 51 separated over normal to infinite climax mode. Well at least it would give me the opportunity for another 3 play throughs. ( OMG Guys I am getting insane about this game)


But first I have to borrow my copy to a friend ( thx IRzaIRecta ) that gave me his Japanese Box while mine was still on delivery.


One last Hint for the infinite climax mode aka very hard ( well it isn’t) buy the Evil harvest Rosary. As witch time is disabled in this mode every successful evade will cause an exploding energy ball. Nothing more humiliating that beating the shit out of the angels without even touching them

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thanks man, really useful guide but maybe you should consider coloring the hearts and the pearls along with the alfheim challenges so that it is easier to read :) a few more "line breaks"(zeilenumbrüche in case you are german) would make it more clearly arranged, too. anyway i'll link your guide in my achievement guide.

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Yeah i had a lot of line breaks so there was more structure in it ...i had the problem that this was simply too big for a normal post so i tried to shrink it as much as possible. Anyway i will try to edit it.

Was supposed to look as the final part now appears....working on the colors now.

Damm limit of 10000 characters per post...well colors are now working, no room for line breaks . It should be a bit more structured now....

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btw where do you get LP#7?


I need the 7th LP too. :(


Maybe will be unlocked after complete the game in hardest difficulty, or i am wrong?


edit; Found how to unlock the last 3 lp's:


complete 100 chapters (Normal, Hard and Non-stop Climax counts).

complete hard mode

complete non-stop climax mode



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