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Does anyone know where i can delete my save?

tattooed si

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I used a hint early on in the story mode so didnt get the achievement for using no hints, ive tried replaying some levels but it won't unlock. As the titles says i want to delete my save so i can start again but i cant find it anywhere, does anyone know where i can find it or if there is any other way i can unlock the achievement. Any info would be helpfull, thanks :)

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I'm posting here because I'm in the same boat. On Story 2 chapter 2 the game glitched on me - it should have shuffled, but somehow showed a possible match of 1 when there was not one. I hit hint and it immediately brought up the shuffle menu.


I had a similar experience completing motion mode losing no lives and not using the trash, but those achievements did not pop either. I cannot figure out how to restart motion mode to get those back.


Edit: I posted on the TA site, GFWL, and sent in a help request to Tik games - hoping to report something soon.

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Hey CSAR - I know u have been following the forums on the Games For Windows Live site also. You now know where the files are at. For others that don't:


Windows Vista - C:\Program Data\TikGames\Mahjong Wisdom\Saves\1597523097-5592-19476-1236444 (Program Data is a hidden file. Also, the number is a different number for everyone.)


Windows XP - C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\TikGames\Mahjong Wisdom\Saves

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Awesome - thanks for posting that. I'm following this on so many boards I forgot to update.


For those having issues finding the save file note that it is a hidden file, so you may need to "show hidden files" under file folder options.


On another note, GFWL personnel have posted that they are aware of the issue with achievements and looking into it.

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