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I just read a post by Frankie B1 were he said that teh achievments suck in this game, now i am sorry that he feels this way BUT i think that they are ok in some ways than other , some of the achievments reminds me of GOW & some remind me of At Worlds End, And in my eyes i think teh achievments are just as good as any other game and damn some will be pretty damn hard like achievement_complete_campaign_legendary, i must admit i am very dissapointed with the online achievments as they do suck big time!!!, i have looked long and hard at the achievment list and heh you have to run through the game 5x to get the achievments so people cannot and i say again cannot say that they are easy and quick to get as they will be liers. Well that is my opinion folks.

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An awful amount of campaign achievements. It seems like they really want people to get involved in the offline now. I think the fact that there aren't a lot of online achievements will disappoint a lot of people. That being said, they will probably add another 250 points that are all online achievements.

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Actually you can run through the game twice to get the campaign achievements. I see a very doable 500-600 and a not-to-impossible 800-900. However, going for the full 1000 will not be achievable in a mere weekend. Or week, for that matter.

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I am so fuckin pissed right now, you just dont even understand. The online achievements are very achievable in one night. It actually makes me question whether or not I'll get this game. They are horrible, Im not even going to say anything. There are no team based achievements. There are no time consuming or cumulative achievements either. Only achievements you get for doing something In a game, disappointment. I mean why isnt there a 10,000 Kill achievement, or 777 Ranked games won. I mean, why? I just dont get it. I think bungie made a huge mistake, and they'll regret it. Even with content, It just doesnt make sense to me.


Im going to go cut myself.

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I am so fuckin pissed right now, you just dont even understand


No Maka trust me, i understand...im right with you about to drive to bungie headquarters and slap a bitch like wayne brady


There's a lot of questions that this achievement list raises, what is a meta-level?(or am i retarded) And what does "access all terminals" mean? O well guess we'll be waiting till september 25th


And yes i'm with you all...this achievement list blows. There are no long term goal achievements except for finish the game on legendary! I'm going to get ALL the multiplayer achievements in the first fucking week! WTF bungie


SHADOWRUNS achievements kick the shit out of this.

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For the legendary achievement all you need is a mate who kicks ass at the game (providing you can get the achievements in co-op) then sit through the single player in Legendary. 9 levels = a long weekend, not too hard, for the rest, wait for a guide like Pirates or Robinsons and finish them off on Easy, or whatever the skulls etc can be found on - not the most exciting thing ever :(


As for the online, on evening if you are lucky with the achievements, two if you're not. Why no achievement ala GRAW or GOW for insane amounts of kills, as I said in my other post, I'm only going to be playing this one for the points, end of!

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By the looks of the online achievements, I'm gonna be sticking to Shadowrun for my online fun.


If I was a single-player campaign guy, which I very rarely am, then I would be over the moon.


Right now, after reading the achievement list, I have a depressive frown wrinkling it's way across my face.


God save Halo 3.



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the list looks ok to me but way to easy full with Campaign achievements and such but still the can add an other 250 points right

;) still i dont think u will make Officer in one day lol u will have to play alot of games for that^^

cant wait when Halo 3 comes out

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Those achievement blow. Halo is an online giant, and all the online things are to do something once, instead of like Gears where you get it after a long time of doing the same thing. The majority of the achievements are in the campaign. I logged almost 2000 games online in Halo 2, never once played the campaign. Fuck that shit.


Edit: People like the post below me are missing the goddamn point. Halo is primarily an online game, one that people play for hours every day regardless of achievement or not, so the achievements should reflect that. They don't, and it's bullshit. Prey understood it wouldn't be a huge online game, so 25 kills per weapon was reasonable. Gears was significantly bigger, so 100 kills was reasonable. 250 kills per weapon in Halo 3 would have been reasonable.


Not a single sniper achievement?

No # of wins per map achievement?

No # of kills with weapons?

No # of kills total?

What. The. Fuck.


They got this wrong, and I hope they realize they pissed off their core audience.


Edit2: The extra 250 points better be for weapons/total kills, or they are just damn fools.

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