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Online Matches and Achievement Trading Thread


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In search of a few things:


>Boosting for the Ranked FFA Achievements.

>Someone to run through the campaign on Legendary, in search for Terminals, Skulls, and the Meta Games.


In terms of campaign, I do not want to do it in one sitting. Perhaps break it up evenly amongst a week.

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I need a number of achievements online:


Two for one

Mongoose Mowdown

Triple Kill


Killing Frenzy

Lee R wilson

Maybe next time...

and triple kill with swords.


I know, quite a few.

My level is 8 on lone wolves. GT= CrAzYdUdEx117

Msg or FR me, I'll be on tonight. Tell me the language and we'll help each other out. Thanks.

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What's cracking guys. I still need the Two for One achievement and it's killing me. I can't find anybody who will actually do it and when I do find something it's not a map with the Spartan Laser. If you can arrange something with me then send me a friend request at Disc0 Potato. Please leave a message in the request so I know what you're adding me for. Thanks.

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I'm looking for 3 other people to do the following 3 levels on Legendary tonight (Sunday) night starting at 10 PM Eastern:



The Ark

The Covenant


If you're interested please send me a message requesting an invite and be online at 10 so we can get the game going. Thanks :uzi:

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zimmerman51 and McLovin add me, im starting co-op on legendary for skulls metas everything, not in 1 sesh, ill spread it out during the week my gt is SMC92 Ian


anyone else can join if you want hit me up, also doing the multiplayer achievements

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i'm around a 4 in lone wolves and i need a series of achievements


we're in for some chop

killing frenzy

headshot honcho

too close to the sun

triple kill

used car salesman

two for one


steppin razor

maybe next time buddy



message me or FR ME i'll be on tommorow or before tell me how to do it and which language because im new at boosting on this game

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Thanks to all those who have been helping me boost tonight. Made a lot of progress! BTW- been using the second to last language in the dashboard. Nearly every game has boosters.


I'll be on later tonight at around 11 or so. Still need:


Headshot Honcho

Mongoose Mowdown

Two For One

Maybe next time buddy

Too Close to The Sun


I can get a few of those in campaign, but i can do too close in team slayer on valhalla easily.


GT= CrAzYdUdEx117

FR or message me. Set your lang. to second to last. see you online at around 11

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Alright sorry for being busy this week, but next Friday I will be doing a Legendary run-through for skulls and terminals. I have every gold skull, but missing silver skulls. If your missing anyone of them, we'll pick it up. Not doing metagame achievements, just completing the game. Ive already beaten in on Heroic, and would like to do terminals and legendary in one playthrough, plus if you dont have any of the skulls let me know. PM me through here if you want to play, as I have been unfairly pwnt by my mother and can only play Friday-Sunday.

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I'll probably get these legit eventually over the next two years I play this game, but I'd like to get them out of the way, so if anyone is going to be boosting, send me a message. Not a friend request, a message. Let me know what time and language and I'll try to be there.

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I've pretty much finished all the free for all achievements and was just curious if anybody would like to do some skill rank boosting. This will also be done using the language method. Would like to try to get it up to the 40's maybe even 50's. If anybody is interested give me a message

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