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haha no joke like. let your crew do the dirty work...

i hope that makes more sence when the game comes out lol. but as for the rest of them it seems like a pretty dope list.

Yes It kind of does such as "let your crew do the dirty work..." Really if you give it some thought you will be able to figure it out. It makes it a bit more fun then just stating the obvious

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So has anyone had any problems getting the completed game in co-op achievement to unlock... Mine never... We just sat through 8 hours of it as well. Kinda disappointed. Does it matter with which ending I choose you think?


You probably figured this out by your other post, but yeah you can't "Let them Burn" if you want the co-op achievement.

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I spent like a half hour shooting at that first helicopter and I finally got him down and no achievement. I came over to the forums and realized that I was shooting down the wrong helicopter!! Luckily the next part where it is just Kane and Lynch on the rooftop is much easier to shoot the helicopter down. There are more RPGs handy and it just kinda hovers for the first easy shot. The second shot will likely take a bit of luck and overshooting to get the hit and take him down. I believe you HAVE to take down this helicopter to proceed, but don't quote me on that.

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