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I think you didn't get damned if you don't because lynch isn't involved in that chapter, kane escapes without him... I don't really have an idea for the other ones, I suggest just playing through it again you being kane.


At the last scene I was on the boat with him, so it seemed like I escaped. I'm going to play thru it again, doesn't take that long anyways.

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Mr. Play It Straight - You have to escape as a MERC (not traitor) with the most money. If there are any other mercs alive you have to split with them so you will not win. So you can escape as the ONLY living merc with a decent amount of money. OR you can escape as the only living MERC and another Traitor as long as you have more money than the traitor. This is easiest done by boosting, otherwise just be a useless merc and let your teammates betray each other and be killed by cops. Then get out with some money when you are the only guy left. DO NOT BETRAY ANYONE!!


50 to Won - You will get this while going after the above achievement, don't worry about this one.


After the round aslong as you have more money and not the same amount you win the round? Also you could kill traitors and get the extra cash that way!?


I know you basically answered that I just want your opinion.. :)


me don't like this achievement :mad:

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After the round aslong as you have more money and not the same amount you win the round? Also you could kill traitors and get the extra cash that way!?


I know you basically answered that I just want your opinion.. :)


me don't like this achievement :mad:


You just have to have the most money. You CANNOT have the most money if you are doing an even split. (unless traitor kill instant rewards do affect this, which I am unaware of)

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why are most of the achievements biasis towards lynch. as far as i can tell originally i thought the up close and personal was kane only but it isnt. but theres around 7 lynch only achievements. playing through twice aint my idea of fun just because the main profile gets less achievements.

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Is the "Hard" difficulty level (for the achievement) the Codeine level or the hardest level? I've been playing on Codeine.


It's confusing because some games are Noob, Normal, Hard where others are like Gears with Hard, Harder, and Prepare to get Owned. Codeine seems pretty difficult to me, but I haven't tried Heroin or whatever it's called.


Thanks for any help.

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I was playing the game at my friends house and he is up to the part with the monster truck and the achievement that goes along with it. He is having trouble just taking out the driver because on the second go around of the truck coming at him jenny always dies. I know that the guide mention 3-5 guys on foot that kill her but he has tried almost 30 times and we have never seen anyone. He has shot the two guys off the back of the truck and at least 2 of the 3 guys next to the driver. If anyone could help it would be appreciated.

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I'm working on the achievement for killing 10 people as Kane w/o getting any damage. I've tried it from the start of the bank mission on. I use close combat on the first guard and I know I made it to 10 tonight, any ideas why it didn't unlock?


Edit: Got Kane mixed up with Lynch and that obviously makes it a co-op ach. I'll get it next time I play co-op.

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Found this and it helped my friend get all the gamerscore in singleplayer.

Thought it was useful and adds to the guide on the site too.





Sun Tzu: Let your crew do the dirty work (20 points)

This lovingly vague achievement requires you to complete an entire chapter without ever firing a weapon, or using a melee attack. Instead, you must use your squad members to clear out whatever enemies the level requires.

There are a couple of points to consider here. First off, many Kane & Lynch players attempt this achievement on the Trial level, which while seemingly logical, ends only in frustration when the achievement refuses to unlock. The game forces you to fire a weapon as a part of its tutorial, and while there are no enemies involved, it's enough to throw off the Sun Tzu achievement.

What Sun Tzu requires is a level with the use of squad members from start to finish. If you're looking for a surefire chapter to get it done, try this achievement on Chapter 9 as you break your cronies out of prison. This way, Kane can sit back and direct the troops as needed. While you can't kill any enemies, the achievement doesn't preclude you from reviving squad members.

Teflon: Avoid damage on a level (20 points)

Where the Trial level cannot be used to unlock the Sun Tzu achievement, it's the perfect fit for taking a stab at the Teflon achievement, which requires that you take no damage at all during a level. The Trial chapter is by far the shortest, least challenging level of all, so it shouldn't be a problem. If you are still struggling though, choose the difficulty setting "Aspirin."

You only ever truly take damage when the edges of the screen flash red. Don't restart the scene just because you feel the controller rumble a bit when an enemy is firing at you.


Put the gun away for the upcoming nightclub section.

Crowd Control: Surgical precision in the nightclub (30 points)

From the moment you knock Kane's former lady friend out cold and take her hostage, there can be no collateral damage in the nightclub. The easiest path to success here is to eliminate the use of guns entirely. Instead, pick out the enemies in the crowd and then rush them with a melee attack.

You can identify the bad guys in the crowd by the flashlights they carry. Just be sure to keep an eye on Kane. If an enemy takes him out, it's game over.

Weapon Achievements

There are a few weapon/attack-based achievements that could do with a bit of clarification. Consider the following:

  • Pushblade Symphony: All that's needed here are several melee kills. You should pick this up easy enough during the nightclub sequence provided you follow the preceding Crowd Control achievement tips.
  • Headmaster: Score forty-seven headshots throughout the game. Why forty-seven? Kane & Lynch developer IO-Interactive also developed the Hitman series, which stars, you guessed it, Agent 47.
  • Boomstick: Rack up a healthy kill-count with the shotgun and this achievement should unlock sooner, rather than later. Remember, while Kane always starts off with the shotgun, you can swap weapons with him by standing near Kane, clicking down the right stick and pressing up twice on the left stick.
  • Frag Out: Take out a five-man crew with a single grenade for this achievement. If you're looking for the ideal spot, try tagging the SWAT team that bustles down the escalator in the subway station near the end of the Cracking Up chapter.


Use that crew for Sun Tzu.

Behemoth: Stop the roaring beast (10 points)

This achievement may unlock as a matter of course during the storyline, but many a Kane & Lynch player has been stumped when confronted with the enormous dump truck during the Reunion chapter. Here are a few quick tips to help you blast through this obstacle and get on with the game.

  • Preparation: You should spot several enemies carrying submachine guns near the end of the battle leading up to the dump truck encounter. Make certain to claim these guns while you can.
  • Run Over: Once the dump truck runs over the top of Kane and Jenny, climb out of the hole, but don't waste any submachine gun shots on the enemies standing on the back of the vehicle. If you must, use your pistol to take them out.
  • Another Pass: Once the dump truck reaches the top of the hill, it will slowly back up and square itself for another run at Jenny. When it does, immediately begin peppering the driver's window with bullets, but only in short bursts. The automatic fire is inaccurate if you hold the trigger down. Keep constant burst fire on the window while strafing to the right to be sure the dump truck doesn't run you over. Also, order Lynch (press Y) to fire on the driver as well.
  • Last Pass : Once the dump truck has roared by a second time, you have one final chance to shatter the driver's window and stop the truck dead in its tracks. Ignore the enemies posted up front and to the left of the driver. Provided you keep steady fire on the window, it should break, and consequently, kill the driver.
  • Window Only: Many gamers try get too cute and line up headshots on the driver, but that's unnecessary. Just aim at the window itself, not the driver and you should succeed.


Hold on tight.

Berserkopath/Bullseye: Make the most of Lynch's condition (Berserkopath, 30 points)/ Lynch reacts fast at the Exchange (Bullseye, 20 points).

Those that play through the Campaign single-player may end up scratching their heads and wondering where they went wrong with these achievements, but the simple truth is that they are unlocked only during co-op.

Berserkopath requires that the player playing Kane eliminate both civilians and police alike after his breakdown during the Cracking Up chapter, while the Bullseye achievements asks that you (as Kane) take out the two snipers on the overpass aiming at Kane during the exchange in Chapter 6.

These tips should clear up some of the confusion around achievements in Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. Now you can experience gaming life as everyone's favorite demented psychopath and rack up your Gamerscore as well.

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I see there is still some confusion on the best way to get some of the achievements. I will try my best to help with the ones I have done:


Sun Tzu

I did this on the mission "Retomoto Tower". Just hit the Y button constantly and get your team mates to kill everyone. I didn't kill a single person. The achievement unlocked at the end of the level.


Frag out

The best place I found to do this was the final mission (if you decide to go back and save your crew), "Consequence". Progress through the level until you get to the church where the last member of your crew is. You will know this is right if Lynch tells the guy to be grateful that they came back.


Kill the guy you just went to save, ironic as it is, as he throws grenades and kills valuable people.


Now you will notice a lot of people at the bottom of the stairs. The trick is not to rush it. Take cover on the small, grey wall that runs alongside the stairs. This will put you to the left of the stairs, looking down on the steps. Wait for a congreation of enemies then just roll a grenade down. "Restart scene" if you fail. It took me at least 5 attempts.


Return To Sender

I am not totally sure of the exact requirements for this one. But I unlocked it by throwing it back at the police in the "Breakout" level. This was the first grenade I threw back in the level, so they are a total across all levels, not just one. If this isn't unlocking try

- throwing it back at the police

- throwing your own grenade around for a bit.. lol


By The Grace Of..

Hmm, some people say you need to kill 10 in a row as Lynch without dying. I don't agree with this. I got this by shooting a cop that was writhing around on the ground. Although the gamerpic has a wee 10 in the corner, I don't agree with it. I just shot a cop on the ground and got it!



Hope that helped some people :)

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