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Was wondering what counts as a "Win" as a merc?


Just escape with money or be the first ranked of the round?

If it's first case, the game is über-glitchy as I'm already at 75 escapes, and my boosting partners nearly at 100!


Plus, which amounts are taken into account for the 150M$? The money you really pick during the mission or the money you share at the end with the other survivors?


Thanks for your answers :)

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need a realistic answer for the top of leaderboards achievement. I need specifics on how the true rank really works. We have enough consoles and accounts that we thank we can rank it through the roof. I realize there are a couple of gay ass, beef taking douche bags that have to live in their mothers basements and play hide the sausage with their teddy bear Steve, that want to make this game completion unattainable. What is your problem, cant wait till they officially turn off the servers. Eidos needs to reset this server and help a brother out. Even EgAy turned on Pro street again.




Sorry for the Rant but I feel Im not the only one whom feels this way about the 3 guys boosting these silly silver accounts up. :uzi:

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Hmm... Do I take it that you have all the other achievements and don't wanna play again?

I've got about 38 I think but I've pretty much written off the idea of ever having any more because of the aforementioned douche bags. I'm sure that I could do a couple more but it's getting people in the lobby that's the chore. :(

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