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Achievement Trading Thread


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Regarding achievement boosting in this game. A buddy of mine and I have been boosting on this game. We do a 4 or 5 player match and trade traitor kills and personal revenge. The funny thing is, as we're doing 3 round games, it appears like we're just playing the game normally, but we're actually boosting. I just thought I'd point that out. ;) Since we switch being traitors and kill each other we're actually just playing the game it's supposed to be played. lol

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I would like to boost some achievements in this game. Especially the 200 wins, 3 revenge kills in one round and the 150,000 dollars.


Gamertag: Zenquen


please send me a message stating that you are interested in boosting.

This is one I'll need help with, so far not many people betray me, if they do its usually only one time a game.

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