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I have some questions regarding the "Host 3 games" achievement.


Any way to do this quick? It takes quite some time to finish 18 holes, especially since many players quits/exits half way through since it takes a while. This has happened 2 times in a row now.


Can this be done in private, ranked matches or what?

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Don't know if I'm able to join tonight I'm afraid, have some stuff to do. Anyway, hosting 3 matches and 18 holes on each takes quite some time finish. Therefore, I was wondering if it's possible to get this achivement a quicker way.


Edit: It just popped up, at the begginning of my third hosted match. So I guess the system tracks those matches that didn't finish. Nice that it popped up at the beginning, in stead of at the end of the match :)

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Not sure but I'll be online later about 11pm GMT and I'll gladly let you host 3 games to get the achievement (as long as you let me win one so I can get that achievement) :)


Does there have to be 4 players or can you play with just 2?


no all you have to do is host it the achievement should pop up at the begining of the third one. hey if you want to play send and invite to iceman1685 or devie11

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