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HOW THE FUCK DO YOU BOOST IN THIS GAME!!! i seriously have been searching ranked race for an hour with my friend and have yet to get in the same match. how are you supposed to boost AWP in this game. you cant play with friends in ranked!


Answer: Don't Boost!


just keep playing the multiplayer legit. opportunities will arise. i'm halfway to Petrovic already in 2 weeks! besides, if you let the fuckwits who regularly populate the multiplayer know you're trying to boost, they'll gang up on you and kick you out of lobby's anyway. at least that's my experience.


this game is brutal online. but hella fun!

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Don't double post!


I replied to the thread you made..


i don't wanna be a prude (or maybe i do), but what with all the crappy drakonian rules about spam posting on this website, what the fuck is this if it isn't spamming?!


could you not have PM'd the guy rather than shame him on this thread for all to see? actually no, because then it wouldn't have counted towards the 7,000 odd posts you already have!


and that is my point. i'm not having a go at Himalaybarad, he's probably a nice guy. but IMO the spam rule on this website punishes the users inside rather than the spammers outside. at least if you're determined to employ it, can you not count all contributive posts (i.e. comments) to the post tally?


and don't tell me most comments are spam. i know they are! but if you are perfectly happy to encourage it there, why not here?


.... sorry, rant over!

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I was thinking about going for the 100% completion, but the pigeon thing is just to hardcore for me. I mean 200 freakin pigeons, OMG!!!


It's difficult. Cops will pursue you once you shoot one and it take a lot of hours to kill all of them. The ones you have to kill with a grenade are really hard.

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I was just wondering lately I have had some trouble getting the Chain Reaction achievement and also have a question for the Genetically Superior achievement.


For the Chain Reaction achievement:

- Can you use cheat codes such as the cheat codes for the RPG, Cars, and No Wanted level and still get the achievement? I have tried several times but not got my achievement so I was wondering if it was the cheat codes blocking it? Also if you enter in cheat codes in your original playthrough of the main storyline will it effect your playthrough of the Lost and the Damned or the Ballad of Gay Tony? For example, prevent you from getting the Chain Reaction achievement in any of those 2 DLC's?


For the Genetically Superior Achievement:

- Will the achievement still unlock if you use the cheat codes for the fast cars to use in the races?


Much appreciated if I could get some feedback about this.



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How do you disable the block for the "Cleaned the Mean Streets" achievement? (I figured killing myself would unblock it, but I want to make sure.) I just don't want to waste my time killing innocent criminals. :)


To disable the block for any cheat you need to save the game then go to the dashboard. When gta has loaded back up the achievement will be unlockable

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I have a number of questions pertaining to the achievement "Catch the Bus."


1.) Is pressing the trigger buttons to the beat absolutely necessary in order to start the bus stop? Does it count against me if I do nothing during that sequence?

2.) Is completing the dance off in Hercules required to "activate" the dance or that just for show?

3.) After employing the strategy mentioned by #6 in this thread, http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=211544 I have seen some improvement in terms of my performance but not enough to start the dance. Should I keep practicing until i can "flawlessly" get through the first half?

4.) The faster your "groove gauge" goes up the better, right?

5.) Controller rumbling like no tomorrow = performing badly\silent = doing good, correct?


Tl;dr, can someone give me a very detailed explanation of what to do for this achievement?

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Got over 55 hours of game time on the counter, not doing anY DLC and still 200 pigeons to go, I'm really thinking about skipping the rest of the achievements.. Not worth the hours of grinding for the amount of G I can get out of it, I got a stack of uNplayed games to hunt :p

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