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I swear to god if this game doesn't have more co-op acheivements then those two I'll be upset. I was looking forward to this game for a while thinking i could play with my girlfriend thinking i could grind a lot of achievements with her, but with only 2 i don't know if it's worth my money.

why should you playing video games be limited to what achievements are there?

play with her anyways dude. spend some quality time together, and don't user her for achievements! ;)

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Kool. Most, if not all of the achievements in this game look quite simple and easy to get, I hate it when developers make the points in a game too hard, I mean I like a challenge from time to time but I can't stand the games that take ages to get points on lol...this may be an easy 1000G :locked


for the full 1k, you're probably looking at roughly 30 hours of game time. (thats probably just an average, of course it'll be skill based, too)

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