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Game crashing often


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Does anyone know what could be the reason for Mahjong to keep crashing all the time.

Sometimes when I boot it up, sometimes I can play one level of Motion then after i beat it it crashes, I cannot even start any other mode because it crashes.

I don't play it full screen.


If someone could give any suggestions, because I don't wanna deal with Microsoft support.

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Well, that didn't work.

I tried uninstalling, deleting saves, reloading directx and net framework, it just crashes.

It loads up:

- I choose Infinity - crashes right away

- I choose tales - starts a story about a boy then crashes

- I choose Motion - lets me beat one level, then crashes, when I restart I get the same level again


Well, that was a waste of my money, but you learn as long as you live.


I'm just pissed that I got 1 achievement, so I can't delete the game from my profile.

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I was having the same problem with the game crashing after start up and I found a way to fix it but it's kinda extreme.


I recently had a bad virus on my computer, ended up have to do an entire recovery of the computer using the recovery disks. I did the recovery and re-downloaded all the games I had for Windows Live. Like most of you I had set the Mahjong Wisdom options to full screen and the game was freezing from that.


Anyways re-downloaded the games and can play it now. Earned my first achievement in it today. By doing the recovery I am guessing somehow it fixed whatever settings on my computer that needed to be fixed?


I don't know why this worked or if it will work for you but it's an idea. I also noticed that whenever I have something else running in the background, weather its an open internet browser or whatever the game crashes more often. Anybody else have that problem?


Good luck

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