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This game is [email protected]#ed with achivements (Motion Mode)


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This game is completly f! regarding the achievements.


I just finished Motion Mode (45 levels) and I only got the Dragon Keeper achievement (complete motion mode). But....


- I did not use the trash can (so I should got the Recycler achievement)

- I did not loose a single live (so I should got the Motion Master achievement)

- I did not use a special tile in at least 10 levels (so i should got My Own Power achievement).


NO WAY I will play those 45 levels again. A big F! to the developers (sorry for the rant, but I am pretty upset with the game right now).

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I quit playing because of that. Almost all the achievements in this game are glitched and I'm insanely pissed because of it. I'm sick of games with glitched achievements at this point, and am not buying any more games for windows games until this issue is resolved. I think the only one that isn't glitched is Tinker and it was free!

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something i found out that caused me to replay motion mode to get the no-dying achievement. if your computer crashes, or you quit playing in the middle of a motion mode level... it counts as a death. TY POWER-OUTAGE FOR TEACHING ME THIS! =/

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